10 Promotional Items for Summer to Brighten Up Your 2021

It is never too early to plan your summer promos. I know many people are looking forward to dipping in the cool blue sea. While we have yet to see the end of this pandemic, imagining yourself going on a vacation in a tropical country makes you feel a bit more positive about 2021, right? And, even if you can’t go to the beach, there are other ways to make this year fun, safe, and memorable. So, this is the perfect time to plan your promotional items for summer.

Two or five years from now, you want your customers to have an enjoyable summer to look back to. And your goal is for your brand to be part of that experience. So, here are some promotional product ideas to brighten up our 2021!


10 Cool Promotional Items for Summer

1. Beach Cup Holder

When at the beach, it can be annoying when sand gets into our food or drinks. Sometimes our personal stuff like earphones and sunglasses get buried in the sand. A beach cup holder is what you need to keep your food, drinks, and personal stuff sand-free.

Promotional Items for Summer

Promotional Items for Summer

Made from plastic, this cup holder is durable and reusable. You can put anything from beer and soda cans to snacks, sunblock, and sunglasses.

Promotional Items for Summer

Promotional Items for Summer

They also come in vibrant colors to brighten up your summer. Your company can also print your logo or brand name on the cup holders to raise brand awareness.

Designed with convenience in mind, this cup allows the user to keep all their stuff in one convenient place.

Promotional Items for Summer - Cup Holder

Promotional Items for Summer – Cup Holder

From a marketing manager’s standpoint, this product offers immense brand visibility even at the beach. People are having fun, which means they are more likely to be open to your marketing message.


2. Spiker Cup Holder

Here is another ingenious beach cup holder design for your summer promotional campaign. However, what makes this different from the first one is that the body is elongated so that it can be planted firmly in the sand. This also gives stability to the cup holder.

Promotional Items for Summer - Cup Holder

Promotional Items for Summer – Cup Holder

Available in different colors, you can also customize the branding to get your brand front and center.

Who can use these spiker cup holders? Beer companies, snacks, and skincare brands may offer this product as a gift with purchase item. Resorts may offer these branded cup holders as welcome gifts to their guests.

Promotional Items for Summer - Cup Holder

Promotional Items for Summer – Cup Holder

Product Code: ODM-3325


3. Cactus Shape USB Fan

Cool down with a cactus-shaped handheld electric fan. Compact and lightweight (weighing only 380-400 g) this fan is ideal for camping and traveling.

Promotional Items for Summer

Promotional Items for Summer

Their cute and vibrant colors make them a cool decorative piece on your table. They have a built-in battery with a 2400mAh capacity and a charging time of about 3.5 hours. When fully charged, the fan can run for about 4-14 hours.

Promotional Items for Summer

Promotional Items for Summer

What we like about this product is its 80 degree-head shaking to supply wind. Other mini fans are stationary, but this one works moves horizontally to distribute cool wind, just like an actual electric fan. Have your brand printed on either the base or top part to keep your brand on top of clients’ minds.

Promotional Items for Summer

Promotional Items for Summer

Product code: ODM-3201


4. Neoprene Stubby Holders

Ice cold beverage + beach = a relaxing vacation. Keep cans and bottles of beer and soda cool for longer with a promotional stubby holder made from neoprene.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber. It is durable, water and fire-resistant, and stronger than natural rubber. Its unique qualities help maintain the temperature of your beverage for longer. Plus, it acts as a barrier between your hands and condensation from the can.

Product code: ODM-3293

Promotional Items for Summer - Koozies

Promotional Items for Summer – Koozies


5. Folding Sunglasses

A summer must-have, folding sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays, but they are also a fantastic fashion accessory. If you are looking for a summer marketing giveaway that is suitable for a diverse range of consumers, then a pair of custom branded sunglasses would be your best option.

Promotional Items for Summer - Foldable Shades

Promotional Items for Summer – Foldable Shades


6. Cooler Bags with Logo

Are you thinking about how to spend your leftover marketing budget effectively? Why not invest it in a summer promotional item that customers and clients can use all year round? Cooler bags are one of our favorite marketing gifts. Versatile and practical, they not only make a special appearance every summer. In fact, you can use them no matter the season or weather.


7. Branded Face Masks

While you may not be required to wear face masks at the beach, you will surely be needing one when traveling. With that said, brands can take advantage of the surge in demand for face masks and offer their own promotional face masks to keep them ahead of the competition. To make a longer-lasting impact, reusable ones with your logo are ideal. Airlines, airports, hotels, and even drink brands can gain unlimited advertising benefits from logo-ed face masks.


8. Custom Outdoor Games

Garden games are great for families who want to soak in the sun while also staying safe at home. Unlike its board game counterpart, giant noughts and crosses and tic-tac-toe allows players to move around and be fully immersed in the game. Playing with it means players will be constantly bending, walking, and exposed to the sun- the secret to a healthier body.


9. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs allow customers to carry their stuff around their waists without restricting movements. This is ideal for bikers, mountain climbers, and campers. If you work in the pharmaceutical industry, a fanny pack can be turned into a branded first aid kit.

10. COVID-19 Supplies

Essential items for fighting viruses such as hand sanitizers, face masks, soap, PPE, touch tools, and social distancing alarm will still be in high demand come summer. Companies will continue to incorporate these antiviral items into their business operations to ensure that people are safe and protected while also putting their brand names in front of their clients.


Contact ODM

Choosing the right promotional items for summer is half the battle for a successful campaign. Practical value, relevance, and brand positioning are the factors to consider when planning your summer promos.

Here, at ODM, you can rely on us for high-quality and effective merchandise for all seasons. We love taking on the challenge of creating high-end marketing gifts but we can also help with novelty products and other cost-effective promotional items and giveaways for business. Let us know if you have cool ideas in mind that you want to get done and our team will work on them right away!

For more summer promotional product ideas, feel free to browse through our blogs!


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