A classic and indispensable summer promotional product, order your customised fans from ODM today.

In China fans represent an important part of the culture, a key accessory for women in traditional costumes, used daily for Tai Chi and other arts.  In the West, fans evoke memories of summer time and holidays.

Deliver a message to your customers and choose a promo so that you will be there for them during the next heat wave to help them stay cool.

Customise from a great variety of materials for the frames (wood, bamboo, plastic) and the fan to meet your marketing budget.  Be creative on the design and we suggest keeping your logo discreet on the arm.  From simple plastic and paper models, try fancier ones like those used by Spanish Flamenco dancers don’t limit yourself – use wood, fabric and lace!

Also see our Penfan combining both fan and pen features if you want to try a fun Gimmick for your promotion or event!