It is quite common for restaurants to offer customers toysgifts – figurines, electronic toys, small plushes, etc… The key is to find innovative mechanisms to encourage more people to visit your stores. ODM would like to provide attractive, creative, practical and economical ideas to inspire to our customers.

Traditional pizza restaurants use wood burning ovens for pizzas. Pizzas are slid into the oven on a long paddle, called a peel, and baked directly on the hot bricks or baked on a screen – a round metal grate, typically aluminum.

With this method the pizza has a crunchier and tastier crust. Customers associate this imagery with Superb Taste.

ODM bring Pizza Company Promotions to the fun and healthy outdoors environments of the beach or Park by customising our existing beach racquet game.

Get friends and families playing with your logo in full view.  Tell us the pizza special you would like printed on the racquet and your pizza is ready to go.

This raquet set come as a pair with a small ball.  They can be packed in a beach bag with your company logo printed on it. (See also other items to add to this set)

Contact us and have your customers catching and craving pizzas at a beach near you!