Spanish company, Telepizza is one of the leading buisnesses specializing in Pizza delivery. They are proposing Angry Birds plushes as a GWP to its customers.

Telepizza Promotional Products – Angry Birds Plushes

According to the meal you choose, Telepizza will offer you Different  sized Angry Birds plushes. So for a larger meal you recieve a larger plush and so forth. 3D pictures are also available to collect.

This promotion is a crafty idea as Angry Birds is a sensational game, therefore it is widely recognised. The game is also played by a range of ages which attracts a broader audience! As the product is so popular the customers may be buying the meal just for the Angry Bird rather then the actual pizza.

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For our Spanish followers:

Aquí tenemos una nueva oferta promocional desde Telepizza. La empresa ofrece peluches y lenticulares 3D de los famosos Angry Birds por la compra de los diferentes menús. Me parece ser une buena idea el hecho de juntar las pizzas con estos famosos aves. ¿No piensa que los consumidores van a comprar más los peluches que las pizzas?