La Piara, a Spanish food company are offering a Gift With Purchase along with their Tapa Negra Pâté. The gift consists of these delightful, Phineas and Ferb temporary tattoos, particularly targeted at young children.

GWP tattoos by La Piara

For each pâté box bought, the buyer will recieve 2 of the selected Disney cartoon’s tattoos. The tattoos represent all the main characters of the animation and don’t require water as usual during the application process.

By using famous characters to promote your brand, this will clearly draw attention to it. Often when children see these sort of products they nag their parents to buy them. Therefore, using a popular cartoon for promotions may draw more sales due to the fact that parents would like to give their children the gift.

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Tenemos aquí un regalo por compras de la empresa La Piara que propone a sus clientes tatuajes de los famosos “Phineas and Ferb”. Estos tatuajes se pegan sin agua. Me parece muy eficaz esta promoción porque los tatuajes estan productos tipicos que a los niños le gustan y que los padres compran facilmente.