A promotional sandwich holder is being seen every where these days. Checkout this promotion below in Spain:

An other promotion from La Piara, the Spanish pâté manufacturer. To attract more customers, the food company, is now giving away a new promotional gift.

GWP Promotional Sandwich Holder la Piara SPAIN

GWP Promotional Sandwich Holder la Piara SPAIN

How has this promotional sandwich holder been included in marketing campaigns?

This is a GWP Promotion. For each “Tapa Negra” box (pâté box) receive one of three promotional sandwich holder. This promotion features the two famous cartoon characters Tom & Jerry. The famous Warner Bros stars are printed in different situations on the Sandwich holder.

This is a very original promotion; more than useful, this product is environment friendly. The use of famous cartoon characters is also very efficient for this kind of promotion.

The way La Piara changes its promotional gift range (as you can see in this other La Piara promo) shows how important promotional gifts are to promote a brand.

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For our spanish followers:

Aquí tenemos una promoción de La Piara, productor de la famosa Tapa Negra. La empresa propone a sus clientes obtener un porta bocadillo gratis por la compra de cada Tapa Negra. La Piara utiliza tambien los dos famosos personajes Tom & Jerry para promover su Tapa negra.

Como podemos verle en este articulo, La piara junta el poder de los regalos promocionales con el uso de los famosos personajes de cartoon para asegurarse un impacto máximo!

Consigue tu promotional sandwich holder desde China!