In this post we will have a look at bag caps – a fancy promotional product that will be especially useful for food companies that deliver their products in a bag. This is the perfect way to let your company brand stay visible for a long period of time and make the customers remember your brand so that they will keep choosing your products instead of your competitors’. The bag cap can be with or without a logo – but when a logo is on, the brand awareness will no doubts increase immensely.

Pretty cool idea and at the same time, very useful!

Bag Cap Promo Idea

Bag Cap Promo Idea

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A few words for our Danish readers:

Dette er en rigtig god reklame ide, hvis kunden får en poselukker med ved køb af f.eks. chips hvor firma logoet er på. Denne vil minde kunden om dette mærke hver gang de skal købe chips og de vil vælge dette mærke igen fremfor noget andet, fordi de ved de får noget ekstra ved at vælge dette brand.