All housewives and mothers would love to have the family members to stay close. But sometimes, they grow up, get busy and spend lesser time at home. A digital photo frame is a very good promo gift we can offer to them.

There are many ways of offering this promotional product. You can use it as a gift with purchase or other promotional campaign by collecting points or drawing  lots. This product has high perceived value.

The retail price of a Sony digital photo frame in Singapore can go as high as USD 100. This product will definitely entice price-conscious housewives and mothers.

Promo Gift Idea - Digital Photo Frame for Housewives

Promo Gift Idea – Digital Photo Frame for Housewives

Increasing Sales Using Promo Gift

This promo gift can come with the purchase of a product or a bundle of products.  Consumer will be enticed to purchase the product knowing they can get this item for free. This is because your product has higher perceived value with the promo gift.

This is a very effective marketing tool to increase sales. Your brand will definitely stand out from the competitor. Also, when this marketing gift comes with a bundle of products, consumer will be enticed to purchase the whole set instead of individual product.

When giving away promo gift, remember to brand these items with your logo. For instance, you can put your logo on the digital photo frame. Brand it somewhere visible and prominent.

A digital photo frame will be displayed at somewhere visible. Usually it can be placed in the parlour or common room. When guests or relatives come to visit, they may admire the different pictures flashing from this photo frame. The next thing they will notice is your brand.

Some of them may start commenting about the product. A price-conscious housewife will happily tell them how it came about. They will advertise your brand out of free will due to your generous offer. This is not only facilitating free advertising, it increases brand awareness to the right target market. Don’t you think it’s a great idea?