Here is an idea you can use as a giveaway for restaurants or cake shop. You can offer this as a complementary gift for the events or parties that you host. Include this in your event packages. This can be a double edged sword for your marketing campaign.

Giveaway Idea - Roll Up Towel Cake for Restaurants

Giveaway Idea – Roll Up Towel Cake for Restaurants

Impacts of Giveaway to Your Brand Image

You may be thinking how can giveaways affect your business. Do you think that only big marketing campaign like television advertisement can an impact? Well, we have a good news right here. As the saying goes, all roads lead to rome, there area many ways to achieve greater brand awareness and expand your customer base.

This lovely giveaway is not a real cake. It is actually a towel rolled up to resemble the shape of a cake. There are many artistic designs available with the same concept. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether it is a real cake or not.

So how is it supposed to help you increase your brand image? Offering a giveaway is a gesture of generousity. Your client will be very happy if you include this free gift for all the guests that are coming for the event.

Also, this giveaway will give your brand have a higher perceived value as compared to the competitors. It also makes your clients look generous to their guests. This is a contributing factor to your clients decision on choosing the venue for their events.

A marketing gift like this is a form of investment. It is expected bring in greater return. What you should do is to brand this towel with your logo. You can use silk printing or embroidery. Choose the printing method that suits your brand image.

Every single guest who receives this giveaway will bring it home and eventually use it or display it. Your brand on the towel will enforce brand recall. They will get familiar with your brand. When they need to host an event, you can be the first brand that came to their minds. This giveaway is a subtle reminder of the pleasant moment they had with you.