Brothers Cider has a very interesting competition on at the moment. A competition where the winner is decided by you! Take the test and you and thousands of others can win one of Brothers Cider’s very own promotional badges. What better way to show support to one of your favourite ciders than wearing their badge proudly?

Brothers Cider Promo

Just take the short and simple test to find out which of Brothers many flavours of cider you should be, and your scored is totted up into a percentage total. If your’s is the most popular cider amongst all the flavours (each person counts as a point towards his or her cider), then everyone else (and yourself) who is the same flavour as you will win their very own Brothers badge: customised to the winning flavour!

Bittersweet Apple Promotional Gift

This promotional gift is very inventive and original. A brilliant idea from Brothers; a far from typical competition that is fun to take part in. I am Bittersweet Apple flavour, a fine result if you ask me. Why don’t you try it out yourself and get your friends to give it a go too?

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