Guinness launched a new Beer Promo in Hong Kong.  They are giving away a Thermal Mug with each purchase of box of 4 cans of beer as seen on picture below.

The idea of drinking Guinness from a non see through glass would puzzle most Irish people but this is clearly an example of a brand adapting to International markets and tastes.

Many companies package their promotions like this one.   This is the biggest box pack for 4 beers in the store and the promotion works due to high perceived value. This promotion also raises another issue.

In Pack Promotions, where a brand increases the size of their packaging, lead to more visibility in store and therefore more sales.

Oversized boxes are frequently arranged on Gondola heads or on an island in store to accommodate their size.  Big brands know this and get great exposure using this strategy.

Examples of brands you know showcasing success…. Casio CamerasWyeth, ABC Beer Becks Beer, Stella, NescafeLipton Tea, Red Label, Cadbury, Wo HupBombay Sapphire, Absolut Oreo, Dove2 Promos by Gillette, Jack Daniels, San Miguel

Covermounts on magazines have the same effect, increasing size and visibility.