One way to retain customer interest is to use high quality promotional cosmetic products that deliver fast results. Check out this facial hydrating spray! Our skin needs the most important nutrients to keep it healthy. For that reason, many people will be interested in this product. Learn more about how this hydrating facial spray is good for promoting your business.

Promotional Cosmetic Products : Hydrating Facial Sprays

Promotional Cosmetic Products : Hydrating Facial Sprays

One of the Promotional Cosmetic Products that got a lot of attention at the recently held Canton Fair was this hydrating facial spray. Cosmetics and beauty products are essential to make skin look youthful and fresh. This hydrating facial mist keeps skin hydrated and looking supple. Great for every day use at home or at work.

Promotional Cosmetic Products : Hydrating Facial Sprays

Promotional Cosmetic Products : Hydrating Facial Sprays

What do women love about this Promotional Cosmetic Products?

Here are some special features of this hydrating facial spray that will help you promote your business;

  • Portable and easy to carry – Its portable size makes it more convenient for the customer to use it for daily skin care. It is as small as a lipstick tube so that they can easily keep it in their custom cosmetic pouch.
  • Noiseless Humidifier – Not an ordinary sprayer because it is noiseless that customers can use it anytime to keep their skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • Large capacity & rechargeable lithium battery – 150mAH battery capacity which can be used for 8 tanks of water after full charging. It works with any USB charger with a micro USB connector.
  • Refillable – A tank holds 10ml of water which works for 8 misting sessions and each session lasts 70 seconds.
  • Essential – This skin care product produces the finest ionic mist that gives a little face spa at your fingertips without smudging the makeup. It also moisturizes the skin no matter what the season is.

Why is it helpful in promoting your business?

With the above-mentioned features, we are sure that it can easily reach your audience. It is useful to everyone, men, and women, young and old.

Since the product is on the pricey side, we feel that it is not practical to use it as giveaways or gift with purchase item. You can use it as part of your customer loyalty program or customer incentive. Brands can also increase their sales if they sell it as branded retail merchandise. Honestly, beauty junkies don’t mind spending a few dollars when it comes to taking care of the skin.

If you are interested in promoting your business that suits your marketing budget, you may Contact our ODM team. To get a quote for this product, just reference the code – 2166 in your inquiry. We will be glad to assist you for your next marketing project.

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