How does Heineken persuade so many consumers to chose their drinks?  It is pretty easy to see the attraction if you go through supermarkets in China these days.   You will see they are very efficient in their communication.

The Dutch brewing company has become famous for sponsoring promotional events and providing plenty of promotional gifts with purchase. This brand has a huge budget for marketing operations.

Here is one we spotted at Centurymart stores in Shanghai. For the purchase of a 6 bottles pack at 46.5 RMB (US$7) you get a nice promotional gift. You can chose among 3 different gifts with purchase, all branded Heineken:

  • Heineken earphones coming in white and green such as the branding. This promotional item will enable the consumers to listen music with any music player MP3, MP4 and many other audio products.
  • Heineken tee-shirt in green. Wearing it, customers will promote the beer brand anywhere they go.
  • umbrella with logo and brand imprint. This golf umbrella is designed to be much larger than a standard umbrella, basically to protect both the golfer and his or her cart.

With different choices of branded giveaways, the branding increases the chances to satisfy its consumers and generate higher/repeat purchases. We think this is an ideal promotional campaign since it is ideally located in the shopping area – Gondola head POS display is also very eye catching.

Please have a look at other beer promos and do not hesitate to ask our sourcing office to help you to expand your business with customized promotional products.

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