When we introduce a promo gift to one of our promotions we always need to think of how we are going to make the difference amongst our main competitors as well as how we are going to establish strong customer relationships which will enable us to get information about our customer needs and anticipate them before any other rival. To do this, customers need to feel valued. We could do this through the introduction of a promo gift or a giveaway that will make a customer leave the shop satisfied with the service received.

We have normally seen that the big food chains offer their clients some toys as a promotional product. Below we can see an example of a promo gift that the fast-food chain Mc Donalds has  offered in the past:

Customer Promo Gift by Mc Donald´s: Plush Toys

Customer Promo Gift by McDonald´s Toys


How do Toys increase brand awareness and thus enable them to grow through building customer relationships?

Mc Donalds is a food chain that frequently add different marketing promotions to their strategies which enable them attract small children. A couple of years ago they added the “Happy Meal” to their variation of food products. This has been quite successful within the kids market as they basically love it. Therefore, branding toys like this will make the children remember this brand as they will play with toy and will ask their parents to constantly go to the branch to have meals.

Inside every single happy meal there is a different kind of toy that the franchise offer. This is really an incredible strategy to use within a very competitive food chain market.

Building customer relationships is very important as the service every single customer receive will influence on the decision of the customer coming back to the local to have another meal. Once we find a new customer, we always need to try to retain it as it is very important for the public outside to see the amount of customers a certain brand has inside their local. They will be curious of what is happening inside and why there are massive queues.