In conjunction with the recently released movie on 29th June – Ice Age 4McDonald’s is licensed to run a new range of promotions so as to advertise for the new movie production in Spain…

Ice Age 4 La formación de los continentes

Simply purchase any set of “Happy Meal” in order to get the promotional toy figures! Although it has been a common practice for McDonald’s to introduce toy figures, these gift with purchase promotions are still proven effective in the market..

Furthermore, it is also an excellent way to promote a brand. Being one of the most famous Saga of the last decade (having first episode released in 2002), Ice Age, is therefore capable to appeal the target audience to patronize McDonald’s and generate more sales.

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For the Spanish followers:

De nuevo McDonald’s ofrece figurillas en su Happy Meal. Este verano por el entreno de la película Ice Age 4, los protagonistas del cartoon son honrados. Aunque sea muy corriente que Mc Donald’s ofrece figurillas en el Happy Meal, podemos decir que el gigante éxito de los dos negocios puede solo estar beneficioso y tener una verdadera rentabilidad por los dos también.