YSL is currently offering a manicure set as a gift with purchase. With every purchase of $90 worth of YSL beauty products, this manicure set would be offered as a gift. The manicure set contains nail clippers, a wooden cuticle pusher, manicure scissors and a nail file. This gift with purchase can be found in selected Nordstrom stores as well as their online store.

Gift with Purchase by YSL - Manicure Set

Gift with Purchase by YSL – Manicure Set

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is a French fashion designer. Regarded as one of the greatest names in fashion history, YSL designed many stylish clothing for women. His brand line later extended to make-up and fragrances.

Why a manicure set as a gift with purchase?

YSL is a beauty brand whose aim is to help women discover their beauty. Thus, having a manicure set as a gift with purchase is appropriate. This manicure set is stylish, making it an item women would want to receive. It is also small and portable, perfect to carry around on a daily basis or for travels.

How this gift with purchase helps YSL

YSL has branded the cover of the manicure set as well as embroidered their label on the inside. This makes the manicure set an authentic YSL product. The manicure set is now a desired item by fans of YSL. They would view this gift with purchase as a very good offer. This would lead to an increase in sales revenue, due to increase in purchases.

Branding the manicure set also helps to improve brand awareness. When the manicure set is used, others would see the brand name on the manicure set. This would expose them to the brand name, leading to an increase in brand awareness. Not only does this advertise the brand name, it also improves brand recollection for the recipient of the gift.


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