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To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to have a balanced diet. Besides that, it is important to drink an adequate amount of water everyday! Ideally, we should take at least 8 glasses of water each day. Water has endless health benefits. Since our body is about 60% composed of water, water is essential to us.

Furthermore, when we are constantly on the move, we should increase our water intake! We need to replace water loss resulted from our daily activities. However, don’t you find it inconvenient to hold your water bottle everywhere you go? To solve this inconvenience, here is a custom promo idea to consider – An easy bottle holder!

Check out the picture below for a clearer idea of this easy bottle holder:

Custom Promo Idea: Easy bottle holder

Custom Promo Idea: Easy bottle holder

Why is this bottle holder a smart custom promo?

This bottle holder is a brilliant innovation! A custom promo like this will ensure that the customer will use it on a daily basis. Reason being that water is a basic necessity! Moreover, it is easy to use and convenient to bring around. Users would only have to place their water bottle in the holder and hook it onto their pants or belt. How convenient is this? Therefore, you can now walk around easily without the need to hold your water bottle.

Custom Promo Idea: Easy bottle holder

Custom Promo Idea: Easy bottle holder

Easy bottle holder makes an effective custom promo!

Besides being a very convenient innovation, it is an interesting product that is able to attract attention and provoke curiosity. It is definitely an inexpensive way to advertise and encourage people to buy your products. Not only do your customers appreciate your custom promo, they advertise it every time they use the bottle holder. These bottle holders are highly visible products especially when the users are on the go.

Furthermore, this bottle holder is great for customization.You can customize it in any design or colour that you want! It also allows you to imprint your brand name and improve brand recognition. Whenever customers use these bottle holders, they would recognize that they are from your business. This encourages repeated purchases and boost sales and revenue.

So order this custom promo today! An innovative and brilliant custom promo would definitely do wonders to your business and sales!