Following our recent posts on the International Wine & Spirits Fair, our colleagues spotted a few promo ideas that might be beneficial for your business!

Gift with Purchase/On-Pack Promo Idea..

This bottle of tequila is shaped like a shotgun so it definitely caught our attention. The use of the “Shot gun head” eliminated the need of a pourer, a very intelligent design indeed.  The 2 shot glasses packaged nicely just midway before the tip of the bottle, are an excellent example of an On Pack gift – Looking like Shotgun shells, they are perfectly adapted to this promo.

By displaying your promotional product such as the one shown above sales are sure to increase.  How about creating a fun limited series POS Display playing to the feel & cultural background of your drinks brand.

Shot glasses are a very common promotional gift to accompany bottles of Spirits. On pack packaging and customization is very important. Imprinting your logo on it is a form of branding, and it helps to market your brand at the same time!

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