The deep south is known for its great tasting BBQ flavors, Bourbon spices, and of course country music. So it’s no surprise that Jim Beam, Kentucky’s leading bourbon brand, knows how to sell their product before someone has even tasted it. This latest branded gift set offers all whiskey lovers and Jim Beam fans the chance to get the ultimate drinking set.

Branded Gift Set by Jim Beam

Branded Gift Set by Jim Beam

“The Jim Beam family has been making bourbon in Kentucky for more than 200 years. Now it’s your turn to experience how our legacy comes to life each and every day. It’s our family secret—and now it’s yours too.”

This set includes:

  • Branded drinking glass.
  • Branded “Pourer” –  a bottle top to measure precise amounts of the spirit.
  • Branded “Jigger” – a double sided measuring cup.
Branded Gift Set by Jim Beam

Branded Gift Set by Jim Beam

What we like about this branded gift set:

  • Diversity – Offers a variety of branded products with the world recognized logo of Jim Beam. Whether you’re drinking, measuring or pouring, all the products have the logo present.
  • Attraction – Attracts both drinkers of the bourbon as well as budding bar staff that want to practice or apply their skills to others.
  • Multi-use promotion – For those who bought it to practice their bar skills, or just feel like a bourbon philanthropist, these items will be used for many drink associated activities and therefore will present the brand to whoever uses it; be it friends, family or even strangers at a bar.

ODM loves this gift set and not just because some of us enjoy the great taste of Jim Beam. It offers a wide variety of products all with a branded logo. If you would like to have your own branded gift set or be it just a glass or drinking accessories, we have a wide variety of ideas and products for you to choose from. Contact us today for a quote and get your promotion started.

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Why do you need a gift set?

Gift sets are a great way to capture the attention of your target audience and unlike single on-pack gift promos, this gives your consumers the illusion of getting more for less.

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