Jim Beam is a bourbon brand of whiskey produced in Clermont, Kentucky. To survive in the alcohol industry, many alcohol brands are utilizing promotional products as one of their marketing tactics. And of course, Jim Beam has also utilized some promotional products to outrun their fellow competitors. This time round, Jim Beam is offering a highly portable sling bag as a free marketing product. This special promotion was spotted in a Singapore Duty Free Store. Read on to find out more about this practical marketing product!

Jim Beam Sling Bag Marketing Product

Jim Beam Sling Bag Marketing Product

Sling bag makes an effective Marketing Product!

This Sling bag has a high utility value. It is a great marketing product for customers as they are able to carry all sorts of items in it. With its high portability, this sling bag also allows users to carry it around conveniently. Besides that, it has a unisex design which would definitely appeal to both men and women!

Brand your Marketing Product!

Sling bags are generally great promotional products that offer large branding surface. For instance, ODM also loves how Jim Beam has branded this marketing product with its logo. The colour contrast between Jim Beam’s logo and the colour of the bag makes it even more eye-catching! By placing their logo right in front of the bag, Jim Beam is increasing their brand awareness! When customers carry this sling bag around, this marketing product acts as a free walking advertisement that provides free advertising!

Furthermore, a branded sling bag would also amplify Jim Beam’s marketing efforts as it heightens brand recall in the long haul. Besides branding, sling bags are easy to customize. Your company can add on any additional features to increase its utility value! Sling bags also could come in a variety of colours. Companies can try utilizing bright colours to project a livelier image! You could also go with a classy design to increase its perceived value. Logos, colour and design may be customized to suit the company needs in terms of marketing and advertising.

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