Want a desktop item to promote brand image? Need a gift giveaway with a difference? How about an item that is interactive and that actually grows? Mini desk-top gardens are a versatile and nifty gift that can really draw attention to your brand. The product is easily adaptable to portray a person or any other item in numerous positions. Your brand can easily be placed on the item. For example on the chest area as if the figurine plant holder was wearing a T-shirt of your company. The item comes prepacked with seeds that start to grow when watered, allowing you to sit back and wait for nature to work its magic. This wonderful novel gift will bring a touch of green your environment and beautify your surroundings.

Mini Desk-Top Garden improve brand image

Mini Desk-Top Garden improve brand image

How this mini desk-top garden can grow your brand image

This great item is more than just an office or home ornament, it is an interactive living organism that will discreetly add natural touches to your life. The unique novelty factor will make it a memorable item to anyone who lays eyes on it and especially uses it.

The impact of this promotional product will be especially great for environmentally conscious organizations and the opportunity to convey this message of caring for the environment should not be missed in any promotional activity

Take a moment off from your stressful day to water the figure and enjoy seeing the results as the days go by. Boost moral in the office by placing one on every desk. Give positive first impressions to clients and visitors to the office by placing on reception desk or give away as promotional gifts. Whichever model or use you find most suitable, a min desk-top garden will be sure to broadcast your message of positive social responsibility and eco-friendliness for all to see.