Lord and Taylors are giving away a free tote bag as their product marketing for any $88 or more purchase from the Versace Bright Crystal fragrance collection. This tote bag is limited to one per customer. So hurry up and get yours today, while stock last!

Versace’s Product Marketing - Tote bag

Versace’s Product Marketing – Tote bag

Why tote bag as a product marketing?

Tote bags are commonly used for promotional and marketing purposes. They are deemed as a promotional product with a high utility value. With an attractive and eye-catching design, those tote bags will also perceive a higher value and are able to entice customers to make a purchase.

Versace’s tote bag comes in a chic gold colour that is suitable for all occasion. Due to its eye-catching colour, many would be attracted by it and ultimately take notice of the brand. As more people come across this tote bag, it will serve as a great advertising tool that boost brand awareness and brand recognition. Regular customers who are unaware of this promotion would also be encouraged to make a purchase of Versace fragrance collection in order to get their hands on one of those stunning tote bags. Ultimately, this product marketing would definitely be able to generate sales for the company.

Branding keeps your brand visible!

With such a large branding surface, Versace could have imprinted their brand name onto the surface of the tote bag. Not only will this increase brand visibility but also bring more attention to Versace’s fragrance collection. Furthermore, imprinted logo would also increase brand recall. So whenever the tote bag is used, the customer would be reminded of Versace and this encourages them to make repeated purchases. On the other hand, a branded tote bag would also serve as a free walking advertisement whenever costumers carry it out for a date or just a stroll on the streets.

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