Versace is giving away a promotional duffel bag and this promotion is found on Macy’s. In order to get this promotional duffel bag, simply purchase any large spray from the Versace men’s fragrance collection. This promotional duffel bag is a great addition to the wardrobe of any men. It can transform from anything such as from  a daily traveling bag into a fashionable gym bag. Its great uses and practicality proves its popularity as not only a choice of gift, but also a choice of usage. This promotional duffel bag is only limited to one per customer, so hurry and get them while stock lasts!

Promotional Duffel Bag: Versace

Promotional Duffel Bag: Versace

Versace is an Italian fashion company that was founded in 1978. It opened its first boutique in 1978 and its popularity rose immediately.

Why should you offer items like this promotional duffel bag?

Firstly, offering promotional items comes along with tons of pros for your company. A situation may even occur where customers buy the product that is on sale just because they want to get the promotional item. Such an example would definitely be the well-known MacDonald’s Happy Meal. It is a known fact that most people buy the happy meal because of the limited edition promotional toy that comes with it. This is a fairly good example to show the impact of having a good promotional item. Offering such promotional items help brand your company as one that is generous and one that values customer satisfaction as a priority.

A promotional duffel bag is a great idea because of its great practicality and usability. Furthermore, customers of Versace are mostly audiences with high fashion sense. Therefore, they will be glad to receive this promotional item that is being offered because of its simple yet elegant design. We at ODM hope that this article can give you a better idea about the uses and effects of promotional products!