Tabger is a relatively new idea and a fantastic promotional opportunity for any Pub, club, bar or eatery wanting to get their name out there. This mobile table charger has the potential to become the next social hub while defining your brand and advertising it to the users.

Tabger mobile table charger

Tabger mobile table charger

People wont be able to get enough of this multi purpose product, providing not only a place to sit your cold refreshing beer on a summers day but offering the opportunity for customers to charge their phones and electronic devices.

Tabger mobile table charger

Tabger mobile table charger

Tabger provides sufficient space both on the table top as well as the table side, giving plenty of space for your company and brand to place their logo or name. in addition to this the table has 2 kinds of cables that are suitable for Android and Apple phones along with one of the latest products of high tech innovation – wireless charging.


If a large mobile charging table aren’t your thing, we have a great selection of smaller ideas for cafe’s like Starbucks that can be found here.


Tabger and it’s benefits for you:

Tabger is the perfect solution for every day promotion at food and drink venues. Whether it’s a big or small, indoors or outdoors these mobile table chargers can fit any sized locations to create maximum brand exposure. In addition to this, if the Tabger’s are not wanting to be present all the time, they can be used for special events, promoting specialized products and brands depending on what it is. A great example for this may be St Patrick’s day on the 17th March.

If customers are charging their phones it may persuade them to stay longer while they wait for their phone to charge, increasing brand exposure as well as their interaction with the company. Furthermore this may lead to them ordering more food or drink as they have longer time to kill while they wait for their phone to charge.

Without a Tabger or general access to a charger it may lead to the customer wanting to leave early due to the lack of power in their phone.

Finally the ability to promote your brand or product on the table top and the table side allows many possibilities to combine and customize advertisements to adapt to your companies style.

Tabger mobile table charger

Tabger mobile table charger

Here at ODM love this product and it’s innovative design. Feel free to contact us to learn more about creating marketing products which you can include in your strategy. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world so why not discuss a quote today.

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