With so many alcoholic beverage products in the market, making a remarkable impression on customers can be challenging. Simple, but effective, offering a free custom beer bucket can be a great way to incentivize your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Custom Beer Bucket

Custom Beer Bucket

This branded ice bucket by Sol and Desperado is an excellent example of a practical and effective drinks promotional gift. The branded ice bucket serves as a marketing gift to seduce customers. By offering a product that they can use right after purchasing drinks, they are practically inviting shoppers to purchase their products on the spot. This improves brand conversion right at the point of sale!

The brands are offering this free metal bucket for every purchase of 3 x 330 ml Desperados Beer and 4 x 330 ml Sol Beer for £4 each. We definitely love the functionality, practicality, and design of this purchase with purchase promotion gift.

So, if you are marketing drinks, here are important reasons to invest in a high-quality custom beer bucket:


Why Offering a Custom Beer Bucket is a Good Marketing Idea:

  • Versatile: Promotional products, such as this custom beer bucket used by these brands, are extremely versatile. Not only can you use them for cooling beers but you can also use them for other beverages such as soda, juice, water, and liquor. This means extended brand exposure as the branding on the body of the bucket is on full display every time the customer uses their marketing gift.
Custom Beer Bucket

Custom Beer Bucket

  • Great as Seasonal Gift with PurchaseSummer is not complete without a can or a bottle of beer in hand. But you don’t want your beers to be lukewarm while you’re basking in the sun, do you? Offer customers a free ice bucket that they can use right after their purchase. Not only does it complement the main selling product, but they also reinforce your summer beer promotions.
  • Great Marketing Gift all Year Round: If you think summer is the only time you can market these products, then you’re wrong. You can take advantage of the versatility and practicality of a beer bucket and upsell alcoholic beverages. Sol and Desperado certainly made the most out of this cool promotional product. Not only were they able to sell two products at once, but they were also able to reward their customers with something they can use at home.
  • Works as an Effective Advertisement: Beer buckets can be used at home, during special occasions, corporate parties, bars, and restaurants. It’s something that customers will keep and use for a longer period of time.
Custom Beer Bucket

Custom Beer Bucket

  • Durable Products Mean Longer Lasting Visibility: Made out of metal alloy and sometimes plastic and stainless, the practical value of a branded ice bucket increases over time. The durability of a product prolongs the visibility of the brand.
Custom Beer Bucket - SOAK it UP drinks Marketing

Custom Beer Bucket


Our Takeaways…

Sol and Desperado’s custom beer bucket is certainly an effective way to get their customers to “soak up” in their marketing message. The use of this branded bucket indeed extended its visibility beyond retail shops. We are also certain that using this item for purchase with purchase promotions can help improve sales and brand recognition.

If you want to make your beer promotion more interesting, why not augment your campaign with other interesting beer marketing ideas such as:

  • Coolers – Great for outdoor marketing and beverage promotions, coolers are great for outdoor activities. Beverage companies can also partner with a sports team for a more effective sports promotion.


  • Deck Chairs – you can use them as either a PWP offer or a POS display. This would also be ideal for trade show marketing and exhibits.


  • Beer Glass – When it comes to beer promotional gifts, beer glasses are among a marketing manager’s favorite. Not only are they practical, but they also serve as a good incentive for customers. They are practical and most importantly can be custom designed to fit your brand message.


Keen to have your own custom beer bucket customized to your brand image? Then, contact The ODM Group today! We have the resources and the right people to make your ideas come to life! Our design team, Mindsaprkz, is here to provide you high-quality promotional product designs. If you have a design in mind, then email us right away. We would love to hear from you!

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