We can’t deny the fact that the Covid- 19 pandemic affected and is still affecting our way of living. It left us no other choice but to limit ourselves from doing the things that we used to do. Our daily lives have drastically changed because of the limitations that it caused. Moreover, it is not just our personal lives that were altered, hence different establishments and businesses opted to change their work set up. Little did we know, the shift from office-based to WFH setup affects the employees’ attitude towards work. For business owners, how about using a footrest as an employee gift to increase your staff’s productivity? Using this corporate gift with logo would certainly be a great idea.

corporate gift with logo

Adjustable Plastic Foot Rest: Corporate Gift with Logo

Why Employees Need a Footrest During WFH Setup?

This kind of work arrangement may keep employees safe from the threat of the Covid-19 virus. As WHF has its benefits, there is no guarantee that employees can never experience any health issues during their homestay.

For business owners, how can you ensure that your employees are giving their best while working in the comfort of their homes? As employers, have you done anything to secure your staff’s health and welfare. Do you still practice a good engagement with them?  A footrest is a better way to connect and show your care to your staff. Listed below are some of the reasons a footrest an ideal employee gift to give.


Footrest for Comfort

A footrest is basically designed to bring comfort to anyone who will use the product. Using this while working is way more relaxing than just resting the feet on the carpet or on the floor. This footrest helps improve blood circulation in the feet and legs, thereby reducing stress.

corporate gift with logo

Footrest as Corporate Gift with Logo


Another thing that your employees would love about this footstool is that it has a height locking quality. The item could be adjusted into 3 positions, so they can choose which angle or height feels good for them. It has a safety lock that enables the users to choose the height they are comfortable with.


Suitable for Everyone

A footrest is absolutely a great option for short users to experience the benefit of ergonomic seating. Likewise, taller individuals will also love them. Height is not a big deal here. Whether short or tall, employees deserve to be relaxed while doing their tasks, but this will definitely benefit those shorter in stature.

corporate gift with logo


Footrest for a Healthier Lifestyle

The use of a footrest is a greater way to promote healthy working habits among employees. A footrest can help relieve the stress in the legs, by keeping the feet flat on the floor. Also rocking the footrest a bit can promote circulation and keep your legs comfortable. Thus it helps prevents or lessen the bad effects of prolonged seating during working hours.

corporate gift with logo

Corporate Gift with Logo

The size of the footrest is enough to keep your employees’ feet comfortable all throughout the day. In addition, this corporate gift with logo is made from eco-friendly materials, making it safe to be used indoors.


How Your Company Can Benefit From This?

Healthier Staff

Your employees are the backbone of your company. Thus, they are very important in the daily operation of your business. Keeping them safe and healthy creates a stronger company, and higher sales indeed.

The WFH setup might protect them from ever contracting COVID but prolonged seating can pose a serious health threat for employees. But it should not be a reason for them to quit their job. Giving them items or gifts that will help them be comfortable while working is a simple act that they will appreciate most.

corporate gift with logo

Foot Rest as Corporate Gift with Logo

This corporate gift with logo is a very good example of such a product. It highly promotes a healthy mind and body among employees.


Connect with Members

This trying moment probably makes people realize the essence of connecting and valuing others. Thus, never allow the situation to disconnect you from your team. Take this time as an opportunity to create trust and build a stronger relationship with your employees. Make them feel how you value them and how you appreciate their effort, however big or small. Employees today are not just after monetary gains but meaningful connections as well. Therefore, through this corporate gift with logo, you can convey your message to your team and build meaningful bond with them.


Save Resources

The quality of the product can be guaranteed due to the materials used. It is made from a sturdy type of plastic so this footrest is definitely a durable one, making it worth every penny. You can ensure that your employees can use the item for a long period of time. Therefore, you don’t have to consider giving them presents multiple times.

corporate gift with logo

Footrest as WFH Corporate Gift with Logo

Brand Awareness

Companies that consider giving away corporate gifts to employees have a higher chance of brand exposure. Getting your brand out there by having your logo on the gifts will create awareness in the long run. The customizability of this footrest makes it even more ideal for exposing your brand. Therefore, this corporate gift with logo helps sustain your company image.


To Wrap This Up…

The reinforcement of the WFH setup substantiates that above all else, the health of every employee is always a top priority. Risking their lives is an inhumane thing to do. So giving them the freedom to work in the comfort of their home helps secure their health. As this pandemic becomes a threat to the stability of every company, it also puts employees’ physical and mental health in danger. Therefore, showing them a little support is what they need nowadays.


Contact ODM

Corporate gift-giving is definitely an essential part of every company. It helps create a tighter bond among employers and employees. Besides, it encourages employees to render longer years of service in the company.

Would this company gift with logo something your employees would need? If so, do not hesitate to connect with us. ODM Group has been serving companies worldwide for 17 years now. We have quality services when it comes to designing brand packages and customizing promotional products and giveaways. Contact us today to learn more about our quality services.

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What are the benefits of corporate gifting?

Turning a one-time buyer into a regular customer is one of the greatest benefits of corporate gifting. Moreover, it also ensures the continuity of partnership with clients and improves employees' loyalty and trust towards companies as well.

How to select the ideal corporate gift?

The first thing that you have to consider is the recipient of the gift. Identifying to whom you are going to give the present will help you decide which item would resonate with him/her.

What is the ideal price range of corporate gifts?

It would definitely depend on how much you are going to spend on the gifts? There are high-end gift products available in the market. And that surely cost a lot. You may check out manufacturing companies that offer bulk orders. You will definitely save more on that.