6 Pro Tips for Creating Awesome Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate gifting is an art… and a serious business. With more people working from home, sending them corporate gift boxes is a great way to humanize our current work setup. Now that gatherings are prohibited, gift boxes filled with awesome goodies are a fantastic way to celebrate company events and milestones and maintain a positive corporate environment despite not meeting face to face.

Due to COVID 19, workers are forced to work remotely and adapt new routines that isolate them from their peers. It can be lonely for some, especially those who find the fast and bustling office environment stimulating.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate Gift Boxes


Why Should You Send Corporate Gift Boxes?

  • In a time where meetings and events are done online, reaching out to your employees and clients strengthens connections.
  • Showing your appreciation through custom corporate gifts makes employees feel valued. As a result, they become more motivated to work hard and stay with your company.
  • Gift boxes allow you to curate personalized and unique custom branded gift boxes that your employees will appreciate. As the box contains different items, you have the freedom to really be creative and incorporate your brand into your gifts right down to the little details.
Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate Gift Boxes


Tips to Consider When Putting Together a Corporate Gift Box

1. Consider Your Budget

Before you pick a gift, you must first define how much you are willing to spend. As a box contains many different items, it is important to set a realistic amount to get the most out of your money. Of course, a larger budget means more freedom to choose high-quality and bespoke gifts.

The key is to curate a box of items that is not too expensive nor too cheap. Therefore, it is important to plan around your budget so you can give employees the best possible gifts that they will truly enjoy using.

Other factors to consider would be the cost of shipping, customization, and the number of people you are planning to send the boxes to.


2. Make a List of Your Recipients

Who are your recipients? Are you going to gift all our employees? What gifts should you offer VIPs and clients?

When selecting your gifts, it is also important to define who your recipients will be. With a limited budget, you may not be able to gift everyone in your company. However, you may choose to send corporate gift boxes to select employees, new recruits, or clients who continue to do business with you for years.

Making a list of recipients will also help you easily pick gifts that they will like and enjoy.


3. Choose a Theme

When choosing gifts, it is important to think out of the box. You want something beyond the usual promotional items. Sticking to a theme may help you to curate creative and well-thought-out corporate gift boxes.

For instance, working moms would surely appreciate a box full of relaxation products. It may include an aromatherapy spray, cooling eye masks, a body scrub, scented candles, and tea. You can even pair aromatherapy candles with soft custom branded socks and face masks.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate Gift Boxes

Coffee lovers will surely love to receive a gift set of coffee beans, coasters, custom printed mugs, and branded thermos. Nothing makes mornings better than a cup of hot coffee.

You can never go wrong with chocolates, biscuits, and mouth-watering gourmet treats. Keep them in beautiful packaging, add a handwritten note to make it more special and personalized, then top it off with a nicely branded ribbon.

You should also consider your recipient’s lifestyle when selecting the contents. This way, you can put together custom corporate gift sets that will be useful to them.

Having a theme also allows you to choose what products go well together. It gives you a more concrete idea of how you should customize and incorporate your brand into your corporate gifts.


4. Add a Personal Touch

Make your corporate gift boxes extra special by adding a personal note or greeting card. Or, you may want to invest in a personalized box with their name on it. We personally love foil-stamped names on cardboard boxes because they instantly make your box look high-end. Another easy way to make your corporate gift feel more like a personal gift is to use a silk ribbon with your logo or brand name printed on it. It can instantly add a touch of class to any gift boxes.


5. Choose High-Quality Packaging

When it comes to packaging, go for high-quality, premium ones. Investing in a high-quality branded packaging box can make your gifts thoughtfully put together.

A customized mailer box designed exclusively for your company can increase the perceived value of your brand. It creates a memorable experience for your recipients.

Aside from a cardboard box, you may also want to experiment with other eco-friendly options, especially if you are a company that incorporates sustainable branding into your business operations.


6. Plan Ahead

As some of your gifts (and packaging boxes) will need more time to customize, it is important to plan and prepare a month before your target date. You should also check holidays, especially if you are sourcing from China. Factories close down for several days during Chinese New Year and so, you might not be able to get in contact with your supplier during that time. Checking their calendar also allows you to avoid manufacturing and shipping delays.

Another factor to consider is the length of time it will take to ship marketing gifts. Given that many countries have placed a series of health measures to contain the virus, delays in shipping, air freight, inspections, and restrictions are to be expected.


Bringing It All Together

Putting together corporate gift boxes may seem daunting at first. But always remember that your gifts do not need to be very expensive. Choose quality over quantity. And lastly, be authentic. Employees and clients will appreciate the gesture more than the price of your gifts.


Where Does ODM Come In?

ODM can help you with sourcing and designing corporate gifts and custom product packaging. We can also help you customize premium corporate gifts with logo, business giveaways, and other company merchandise. Feel free to get in touch with our team to know more about our services.


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