How Kit Kat’s Chocolate Marketing Idea Boosts Brand Visibility

Do you know where happiness is? Let Kit Kat’s sweet chocolate treats drive you there. With Chinese New Year around the corner, we visited a local supermarket in Singapore and we would like to share this case study on Kit Kat’s chocolate marketing idea.

chocolate marketing idea

Kit Kat is offering printed bento carriers and pouches as exclusive chocolate merchandise for the Chinese New Year.. The bento carriers and pouches have cute graphics printed on them and are useful items that can be used this coming special holiday.

Firstly, we have the bento carriers. They come in 2 different designs. One with the image of the symbolic custom cat figurine (maneki neko), also known as 招财猫 (a cat that brings fortune), and an elephant which symbolises good luck and prosperity. Upon purchase of an 18 piece Kit Kat share bag, the bento carrier will be provided alongside it. Despite having such a cute design, it is still a highly usable piece of merchandise. Being able to fit 18 pieces of Kit Kat, you will surely be able to take home all the Chinese New Year goodies from your relative’s place this year.

chocolate marketing idea
chocolate marketing idea

Secondly, Kit Kat also offers a branded pouch for every 3 Kit Kat bites purchased. The pouch comes in various designs. One of the pouches features a pineapple figure chilling under the sun.  These pouches can be used everyday as they are small, compact, and conveniently sized to place in your bags easily. Hence, these pouches are also an excellent piece of Chinese New Year Merchandise as they can be used to carry around the well-wishes of your relatives when they give you a red packet.

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chocolate marketing idea

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Last but not least, we have a driver who drives us to our destination of happiness. Kit Kat also has a large truck display in the supermarket. It stands tall in the middle of the supermarket’s products and is extremely striking. It holds a variety of Kit Kat’s promotional merchandise and allows customers to choose their personal preference too! Furthermore, this in-store display is in red which is a festive colour for Chinese New Year. 

chocolate marketing idea

It can be shown that there are 2 lucky animals printed on the front of the truck. These lucky animals are sure to lead us into our happy place this Chinese New Year 2021.

chocolate marketing idea

The display even has a teddy bear as their driver. We love this display because of how it stands out amongst the other promotional campaigns. 

chocolate marketing idea


Marketing plays a crucial role in boosting sales. There are many different marketing tactics companies can use such as creative packaging, POS displays, digital marketing, creative promotional merchandise and many more. We love how Kit Kat makes use of creative merchandise that would be useful during Chinese New Year while adding a cute touch through the truck display in the supermarket. Increase your brand awareness and brand visibility with eye-catching and unique merchandise.

chocolate marketing idea

How can ODM Group help?

Now imagine your company using a unique marketing mix for your chocolate promotions? Your brand exposure would be phenomenal. Here at The ODM Group, we specialise in sourcing and designing promotional marketing gifts and POS displays. This means we can help you design, source, and manufacture promotional merchandise and display fixtures customised with your brand logo, colors, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us for your next marketing campaign!

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