Are you looking for a unique gift that your target market will relate to and appreciate? Then, this custom cat figurine, also known as Maneki Neko is what you need!

Custom Cat Figurine

Custom Cat Figurine

Do you know what a Maneko Neko is? Popular in Asia, it is a custom cat figurine also known as “beckoning cat”. If you visited an Asian store or restaurant, you will find this cute cat figurine often displayed at cash registers or a mini shrine inside the store. It is a lucky charm believed to bring good luck which is why they are very common in business establishments and Asian homes.

It originated from Japan and depicts a waving Calico Japanese bobtail cat. The name “Maneki Neko” literally means “beckoning cat.” It is also globally called “Waving Cat,” “Lucky Cat,” “Welcoming Cat” and “Money Cat.”

Custom Cat Figurine

Custom Cat Figurine

Did you know that the raised Maneki Neko paw has a very significant meaning? If the left paw is raised, it is believed to attract customers while a raised right paw would mean attracting money and good fortune. Both paws raised: signifies protection for the establishment or family.

It can be made from plastic, ceramics, or even polyresin with plastic being the most popular material of choice. This custom cat figurine often comes in a gold finish, however, today, we can see a variety of colors. But they are not just for aesthetic purposes as the different colors also have significant meanings.

As you can see, the cat is also holding a Japanese coin, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity.


Why Offer a Custom Cat Figurine?

Give the gift of prosperity by offering customers a waving custom cat figurine. You can offer them as a customer giveaway or a special CNY gift for your clients and customers. Gifting is an important aspect of the Asian culture, so gifting them with a talisman that is associated with wealth and abundance is the same as wishing them luck all throughout the year.

Recipients of the waving cat will surely appreciate the gesture. Imagine receiving a gift that brings luck and prosperity? Who would not be happy with that?

This custom cat figurine or lucky beckoning cat would be an ideal gift for Chinese New Year, opening and anniversary of business, birthdays, and even Christmas. Thus, it is safe to say that this custom promotional merchandise is a wonderful gift all-year-round!

However, can a custom cat figurine called Maneki Neko really boost your business? From a marketing manager’s perspective, the answer is, Yes! Here’s why.


How a Custom Cat Figurine Can Boost Business?

1.Higher ROI

Whether it is because of superstitious beliefs or fondness for lucky charms, people are always drawn to products that will attract good fortune. Lucky charms stores are always thriving no matter the occasion. Therefore, it can bring you more clients who are wishing to attract luck to their business, family, and personal lives. In essence, not only do your customers get lucky, but you are also reaping the benefits of selling these fortune figurines.

Custom Cat Figurine

Custom Cat Figurine

Above, you can see that these are battery-operated figurines. The hand moves as if calling calling you to come closer.


2. Top-of-Mind Awareness

We easily remember people who give us unique gifts. That is also true when you offer this waving cat as a customer incentive or a free item. Setting yourself apart is paramount to making your brand memorable. Very rarely do we receive lucky charms as promotional gifts so offering this merchandise to your customers will surely make a remarkable impression on your customers.


3. Build Harmonious Relationships with Clients and Customers

Unique corporate gifts are a great way to build a harmonious and strong relationship with clients and customers. How much more if they are offered a lucky charm that promises to bring in fortune in their life?

Custom Cat Figurine

Custom Cat Figurine


5. Customer Retention

Every business aims to boost customer retention. Gifts are easily the best way to create meaningful connections with customers.

The custom lucky cat will surely end up being displayed in their living rooms and cash registers, thereby reminding them of your brand. It can help in retention since the item not only incentivizes customers but it also sends your heartfelt message to your recipients.


6. Positive Brand Association

As a business owner, you want your business to be seen in a positive light. Fortune and luck have positive connotations that will eventually be associated with your business if you have this custom cat figurine.


Where Does ODM Come In?

While most of our projects involve high-end custom promotional gifts and POS displays, we can also help with novelty ideas that appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences. If you like our battery-operated custom cat figurine, then quote product code ODM-3082 when contacting our team.

Here, at ODM, we can assist you with product design and product sourcing. We have years of experience in the promotional product industry so you can rely on us for all your promotional needs.


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