3 Killer Tips To Amplify Your Grocery Store Display Ideas

Grocery store displays are a great way to attract customers. It is also one the most commonly used marketing strategies today. So how can we make sure that your brand’s grocery store display ideas stand out?

Discover the 3 tips Cadbury used to amplify their grocery store POS display, and how your brand can do so too.

cadbury grocery store display idea

grocery store display ideas

3 Killer Tips to Amplify your Grocery Store Display Ideas


  • The display is an excellent representation of Cadbury’s branding. The supermarket display is decked out in a gorgeous shade of purple, which is the company’s signature colour. It is sure to catch the eye of any Cadbury lover and entice them to the display. Additionally, this display was meant to advertise their limited edition Dairy Milk Durian, the pictures of durians on the display help to engage customers and eventually pique their interest.


  • This custom POS display was placed at the front of the candy aisle, located next to the cashiers. Using a good location is important when using supermarket displays to market your brand and product. By placing them where it encourages impulsive buyers, Cadbury is able to increase sales and brand visibility. Additionally, the uniqueness of this product being a Durian flavoured chocolate helps to entice curious customers to check out their new product.


  • Grocery Store displays can be made from many different materials, whether it be metal, plastic, wood, or cardboard like Cardbury’s display. This not only depends on your budget but also for long term usage. In this case, since the product is limited edition, it made sense for them to use a more inexpensive material. This is the beauty of grocery store display ideas, it is both effective and customisable. Here at ODM, we can design something for you that meets your in-store marketing budget and requirements.
supermarket display idea

grocery store display ideas


Our Takeaways

Grocery store displays play an incredible role in increasing both brand awareness and sales. Though they are relatively common, some brands may tend to overlook the importance of the tips written in this blog. The branding and location of the display are what will provide your brand with a competitive edge. Overall, it is vital to remember that a well-executed marketing campaign will do wonders for your brand’s performance.


Where does ODM come in?

Here at ODM, our team has years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality POS displays. We have a talented team of in-house designers, Mindsparkz, who specialize in graphic design, to help come up with interesting designs for POS marketing displaycustom promotional merchandise, and brand packaging. Feel free to drop us an email, we would love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where should POS displays be placed?

POS displays should be placed near complementary items to the products, cashiers and at the entrance of aisles.

What are the type of materials used for POS display?

Glass, Metals,Plastics and Wood.

What are pos displays?

A point-of-sale display is a specialized form of sales promotion that is found near or next to a checkout counter. They are intended to draw the customers' attention to products, which may be new products, or on special offer, and are also used to promote special events.

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