Chinese New Year is fast approaching, so it is time to start considering what New Promotional Products to use this year! Our in-house design team Mindsparkz has designed 11 striking Year of the Ox Gifts just in time for this years’ Chinese New Year Promo. Tread into the Year of the Ox with these unique corporate gifts

With Chinese New Year around the corner, we have been provided with some approximate dates where factories will be closed. Hence, clients can expect the closure of most factories to fall on these dates.

Chinese New Year 2021

CNY’21 Factory Closure Dates

You can read up on more details for Chinese New Year 2021 on how to prepare for factory shutdown here:

Let us continue with the 11 striking Year of the OX Gifts shall we:

1. Earphone holder

With the evolution of technology and the love for music, the use of wireless earphones has been constantly on the rise. As such, these earphone holders would be great promotional products to raise brand awareness and increase visibility. 

Firstly, this earphone holder is shaped like an extremely adorable Ox and coloured with striking colours. Moreover, these earphone holders can be colour-customised to match your company colours. This allows for increased brand remembrance as the colours will showcase your brand’s personality.

Secondly, it is durable and the thickness of the material adds a layer of protection to your earphones. Thus, it helps prolong the lifespan of earphones. Thirdly, it allows you to attach a keychain or carabiner to conveniently bring your earphones out. Doing so prevents misplacing them. This would be a great promotional item to compliment custom earphones.

year of the ox gifts

Ox Earphone Holder

2. Cufflinks

Be the boss this new year with these OX cufflinks! Take pride in your appearance and boost your status. Dress to impress and convey a sense of finality. You will definitely stand out in the crowd with the pop of color provided by these cufflinks. These stylish cufflinks will add the finishing touch to any outfit. Made of zinc alloy, and can be gold, silver, or rose gold plated. The top of the Custom Cufflink is laser engraved with an image of an Ox. The bullet back will hold the cufflink firmly in place. Custom cufflinks like this are spontaneous Year of the Ox gifts to promote Chinese New Year!

year of the ox gifts

Ox Cufflinks

3. Leather Cardholder

Chinese new year is all about catching up and spending time with loved ones. In the process, many of us meet our distant relatives who we have not seen for many years. Hence, during this festive season, these cardholders would be great to exchange new business cards with your relatives. Furthermore, there are never too many opportunities for a networking session with new friends along the way. 

This cardholder is made of leather, which enhances the brand’s branding with such a premium material. Furthermore, it is made of striking colours, which make it stand out amongst other premium promotional items. Moreover, this is an item that is suitable for any time use, even beyond the Chinese new year. Thus, leather card holders allow for increased brand awareness and brand visibility. 

year of the ox gifts

Ox Leather Cardholder

4. Socks

This years’,  year of the ox socks have multiple ox design heads stitched onto the sock. They come in two different colours of pink and blue. Promotional socks make a great Marketing Gift, considering they are so convenient to use. Furthermore, they act as fantastic corporate gift ideas for your company! Go to work in style with matching socks with your colleagues, it will totally boost team morale. 

Socks can be worn anywhere, it helps to provide padding and keep feet warm during the cold. Additionally, it helps prevent users from having injuries caused by the rubbing of shoes. Bring out the spirit of CNY with striking and vibrant colours from the socks! 

year of the ox gifts

Ox Socks

5. Branded Chopsticks and Holder

A contemporary redesign of traditional chopsticks packaging with an exquisite design of an engraved Ox logo on the wooden box. In addition, it features an engraved logo of “Year of the Ox” on the chopsticks. Strong, sturdy, and an eco-friendly packaging alternative to plastic packaging!

Lay down your chopsticks on the wooden rest in between your oriental cuisine. The chopsticks are made of high-quality, natural wood, no paint material, providing a luxury dining experience! Definitely easy to clean and extremely durable. This is a perfect business appreciation gifts to your clients and stockholders, especially for Chinese people, giving a pair of chopsticks means they are giving them “happiness”. 

year of the ox gifts

Ox Chopsticks and holder

6. Ceramic Coasters in the shape of an ox (Set of 4)

Custom Ox coasters might be what you need this New Year. These unique and edgy Year of the Ox gifts are valuable in the eyes of customers. It is cost-effective, practical, and flexible in terms of its design and application. Invite your friends and families over during New Year’s eve and they will certainly be a topic for conversations. 

The attention-grabbing Ox head mascot ceramic coaster comes in four available colours of blue, green, pink, and brown. These simple yet effective branded advertising products would make great giveaways or souvenirs. Ideal for promoting hot and cold beverages as well as alcoholic drinks, coasters are suitable for any business size. Check out promotional bar products like these custom-shaped coasters and custom jiggers which can be used for liquor merchandising

7. Ceramic keychain with ox shape

Do not worry about losing your keys again with these ceramic ox keychains! Small, lightweight, and compact, it is easy to carry them around. But, they are small enough to still keep the keys gathered together and securely. 

We can’t deny the fact that there are hundreds of custom keychains available in the market. Many brands and companies offer keychains that vary in size and features. However, these ceramic keychains stand out from the rest! These tiny trinkets are great accessories for your bags, cases, etc. Therefore, using these as marketing gifts can improve your brand exposure and recognition.

year of the ox gifts

Ox Ceramic Keychains

8. Bookmark

Bookmarks are extremely crucial for bookworms who bury themselves in books while waiting for other family members to finish their conversations. The caption “Year of the Ox” with an Ox Head is embossed in this silver finish metal bookmark. Such bookmarks are extremely portable and compact, with the ability to comfortably slip them into your pocket. Furthermore, this bookmark will not fail to keep your book pages neat and tidy with its sleek design. Perfect for book lovers and reading enthusiasts! 

This is a great promotional gift idea as firstly, it can be kept in the bag, pencil holder, or slipped in between book pages. Thus, it sparks brand remembrance easily. Furthermore, they are great gift with purchase ideas.

It also has sufficient space for company branding. So this helps increase both brand recall and visibility. Furthermore, this chic item would also be a great decoration item that you can hang on your wall if you are not using it as a bookmark. This is what makes it great for marketing your brand and products. It can be offered as giveaways, gift with purchase, and even promotional gifts.

year of the ox gifts

Ox Bookmark

9. Phone Ring

Phone rings custom phone accessories that are commonly used as promotional items. They are products with high functionality and provide increased brand visibility. 

First and foremost, this product allows you to have a better grip on your phone. Hence, it makes using your phone more convenient. and save you the worry of misplacing your phones or causing damage to it. Next, it serves as a great kickstand to keep your phone upright. This is absolutely essential whenever you are spending your leisure time binge-watching television series on your phones. Besides, it is designed in the shape of the Ox with striking colors. Definitely a promotional product hard to miss!

year of the ox gifts

Ox Phone Ring

10. Custom Wine Pourer

The popping of bottles or cans is a norm during CNY gatherings. This custom wine pourer is cute, functional, and easy to use. What better way to welcome the Year of the Ox then with this custom wine pourer in the shape of an Ox? Customers just need to curl them into any bottle top and it will create the perfect no-drip pour. Nobody wants to waste a drop of the precious bottle of wine, do they? Check out these promotional wine products that you could add to your CNY promo! You can also check out more wine promotional products like these bottle glorifiers that would compliment your glass of wine. 

year of the ox gifts

Ox Wine Pourer

11. Custom Candle Set

Undoubtedly, candles can be illuminated and used for several purposes. Whether it is a romantic giveaway or a cozy get together, create a feeling or atmosphere of love and romance with this custom Ox hanging candle set. Moreover, custom made scented candles can bring about great aroma in the comfort of your office or home. 

This set is made from metal with extremely durable quality. It is sturdy, sustainable, and extremely durable. Hence, it can last for a long time when it is lit. Thus, this merchandise can be kept for a long period of time. As a marketing gift, it can help create top-of-mind awareness since this item is very practical and not to mention, unique! Don’t these features make them the perfect Year of the Ox gifts? 

Why do we like this Chinese New Year Promo?

  • Design Appeal: These 11 Striking Year of the Ox Gifts look very spectacular and interesting. It would make a wonderful company promo idea for year-end gatherings. Since Ox symbolizes diligence and honesty, it can make the recipient feel special and appreciated. 
  • Brand awareness: Offering these Ox-shaped pieces of merchandise as Chinese New Year Promo is really clever. The constant brand visibility will keep your brand on top of your customers’ minds, and will recall your brand quickly the next time they need your services or products.


In conclusion, Chinese New Year is a special annual holiday celebrating your loved ones and family traditions. With symbolism and gift-giving having deep roots in the Chinese culture, these Ox gifts will definitely make great promotional gifts for your brand. It is a terrific way of showing your appreciation for your employees or customers to get them looking forward to the holiday season.

If you’re interested in these Chinese New Year promo gift ideas, then feel free to contact us. At ODM we specialize in promotional solutions to your ideas, as well as providing excellent designs from our in-house design team, Mindsparkz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I brand the products with my company logo on these products?

ODM offers customization options in order to increase your brand value! Drop us an inquiry to find out more about how we can customize these products to suit your company's needs.

What are the common materials used in candle making?

They are beeswax, paraffin, and stearin. Burning such materials are not harmful to the health of human beings.

Can these products be used aside from Chinese New Year marketing?

These products can be used as a marketing tool at any point of the year. Marketing tools have the ability to increase brand visibility and awareness among customers.