Here is another simple yet useful promo product that is suitable for any industry. Magnetic bookmarks are very effective marketing tools, suitable for event giveaways or on-pack gifts.

Vitamin Water Promo

Take a look at how VitaminWater gained free advertising by giving away these bottle shaped bookmarks.( Check out the other Promo Campaign by VitaminWater HK.) What a great way to remind customers of brands or products even after purchase.

We like it as a promo gift because it is…

Promo Idea for Corporate Gifts

 The High End Option…

Same product, similar functions, but in a different style. The synthetic leather and stitching border design make this bookmark a perfect corporate gift. Emboss or deboss your logo onto this gift to further add value and increase overall attractiveness of promotion. 
This bookmark can also act like a clip/organizer for keeping papers tidy. A convenient and multi-purpose tool that customers can carry around with.