With millions of viewers tuning in weekly, BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing has become a British institution. The series is consistently popular with viewers, even after almost 15 years on air. It makes sense that the BBC would capitalise on Strictly Come Dancing’s success by selling gift sets as branded advertising products.

These on-pack gift sets encourage shoppers to indulge in a relaxing night at home and frames strictly as a television event instead of a regular program.

Branded Advertising Products
Branded Advertising Products

What stands out about Strictly’s branded advertising products?

On-brand: It is important that branded advertising products have clear ties to the brand or, in this case, television program they are promoting. This boxed gift set is clearly branded with the Strictly mirrorball logo and features an image of the stage in the ‘girls night in’ set.

Targeted: Strictly Come Dancing clearly know their key demographic and are marketing directly towards this group. Strictly’s the audience is female-skewing and more mature in age. As a result, the choice of product and packaging works well to appeal to the majority of this group.

Subtle advertising: While clearly marked with Strictly’s branding and visual identity, nowhere are messages which explicitly tell shoppers to tune in. Branded advertising products which guide consumers in making their decisions instead of just instructing them to do something tend to be more effective. For more TV merchandise design idea, do check out this blog:

Great selection of products: A prosecco or wine bottle is the key element of each set. The pamper evening box set includes a candle, glitter flute and several bath soaps. The idea is that shoppers will unwind in the bath with a glass of prosecco – while the ‘girls night in’ box includes socks and truffles for a cozy night at home.

High perceived value: Each set is quite large and looks great on the shelf. Despite this, the sets are likely cost-effective to produce. Strictly can source the custom retail merchandise at a low cost. Meanwhile, a partnership with wine brands will keep costs low.

Branded Advertising Products
Branded Advertising Products

Why produce advertising products?

Spread the word: Products like these increase awareness about the brand or show that they promote.

Customer loyalty: These items can forge a strong relationship with customers as they will be attracted to brands whose values they can relate to.

Stand out: With so much content available in the digital age, having a tangible product which connects to a brand is a great point of difference.

Branded Advertising Products
Branded Advertising Products

This branded gift pack does a great job of promoting Strictly as it encourages shoppers to take pleasure in staying in and watching television. These branded advertising products reposition Strictly from a TV programme to an ‘event’ which is the cornerstone for a ‘girls night in’ or ‘pamper evening’.

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