Recycling has been our quick fix for the extending environmental problems that we are facing. Transforming used products to new ones can definitely help reduce the wastes that go to landfills. It also helps to maintain the beauty of the wilderness and other natural habitats. Notably, custom eco-friendly products are becoming popular in the market. Consumers are gradually practicing sustainable living by using and supporting eco-friendly merchandise and packaging concepts. On the other hand, plastic promotional products are consequently getting skeptics pondering about their purpose and sustainability. This case study will unveil how recycling promotional products can help us change the erroneous recycling assumptions.

Plastic Promotional Products

Customarily, we find ourselves bringing out too much plastic wastes. As this happens, we tend to try to keep these wastes out of our sights and off of our hands. We throw them in recycling bins, thinking that they are better to be dealt off this way. However, piling them in these containers does not really solve the problem at all. This habit that we developed is actually exacerbating our environmental problems. Here’s the reason why:


Wish Cycling: A Problematic Practice

Take-home coffee cups, plastic bags from local markets, and disposable cutlery? Empty bottles, light bulbs, and greasy pizza boxes? Have ever found yourself wondering whether your empty pizza box should go to the recycling bin because it is made from “cardboard paper”? So you tossed it in the “recycling basket.” You just hope your decision is right, and that the recycling facilities will sort it out. That is wish cycling.

According to Road Runner, wish cycling is a problematic practice that leads to various problems in the recycling process. Not observing proper ways of recycling wastes will contaminate loads of valuable items. Consequently, it will be impossible to reuse and transform these items into new products.

Wish cycling extremely hurts the recycling industry. It wastes a generous amount of effort, time, and money. This habit makes the sorting process of recyclable materials more complicated and decelerating. Recycling centers will require more time to sort out items. What’s worse, most of them might have been contaminated already rendering the process unproductive.


How Do We End Wish Cycling?

All too often, we receive plastic promotional products. We know how bad plastic is to our environment, but can we completely avoid it?

As business owners, we know that we cannot avoid plastic. However, sustainability should always be central in all our marketing efforts. Plastic promotional products are good as long as they are long-lasting and can be reused. But single-use plastic should be avoided at all costs.

When we say single-use plastic, these are disposable products that we toss away after using them once. Examples would be grocery plastic bags, disposable cutlery, plastic packaging, and straws.

However, we can clearly put an end to wish cycling by smartly choosing and purchasing the plastic products that we will use. Recycling is still one of the best approaches to quit wish cycling. Here’s why:


  • Sturdy plastic promotional products come in innovative and functional forms. They aim to serve for the long run. Sturdy plastic products, help consumers minimize the need for single-use items. These custom promotional items are sure to last for years, which means they can be reused. Moreover, many plastic promotional products are notably engineered to be durable, serving consumers in the long run.


  • Single-use plastic products are tremendously harmful to users and the environment. They can contaminate our soil and water, which is our primary source of food. Furthermore, Marine Safe tells us that disposable plastic shopping bags take around 20 years to break down in the ocean. These kinds of plastic wastes are clearly one of our planet’s real problems as they take years to disintegrate– and leave chemicals and toxic particles behind.

As business owners, how can we make a conscious effort to curb single-use plastic and change our attitude toward recycling? The obvious solution would be to invest in high-quality and durable promotional products that can be reused and recycled.


8 Plastic Promotional Products to End Wish Cycling

In this campaign where we throw out our erroneous recycling assumptions, these promotional products will definitely live up to your marketing needs. Let’s have a closer look:

1. Plastic Construction Toys

Looking for custom promotional merchandise that is fun, engaging, and educational? Check out these plastic construction toys that will definitely deem popular to young audiences and even young at hearts! These fun promotional toys are certainly less likely to end up in the trash bin. There are a variety of designs that you can choose from; have them customized according to your marketing campaign for greater brand impression. Interested in this plastic promotional product? Quote product code ODM-2100 when reaching out to our team!

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


2. Custom Plastic Travel Bottles

These cartoon-shaped custom travel bottles are perfect for downsizing large bottles of shampoos and body wash. Bringing these custom travel bottles is certainly more convenient than packing all your bottles with you. It is made of silicone that makes it easy to use and squeeze whenever you need it. Product code ODM-2125.

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


3. Custom Plastic Container

Thinking of promotional giveaway products that will absolutely provide convenience to your clients and employees? These custom plastic containers might be the ones you are looking for! You can easily customize these custom plastic containers with your brand logo or name to make a remarkable impression on the people who will receive them. Undoubtedly, they will love these promotional products that are eminently functional and practical to have. Product code ODM-2362.

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


4. Promotional Plastic Tumbler

This tumbler with logo can definitely spice up the drinking experience of your customers. Owning a tumbler is absolutely one of the best ways to avoid using disposable cups that can add up to wastes. It is totally convenient to use as it lets you store and drink water wherever you are, especially during outdoor trips. It has a collapsible body so this will not take up much space in your bags. Would you be interested in this collapsible water bottle? Send us an eamil and reference product code ODM-3433.

Branded Collapsible Water Bottle

Branded Collapsible Water Bottle


5. Portable Pizza Cutter with Lock

Ideal for restaurant and outdoor promotions, this portable pizza cutter with a lock is undeniably a game-changer. It can assure safety and quality as it is made from sturdy plastic material and it also comes with a built-in lock. Moreover, it can serve as an excellent gift for family and friends. Loving this promotional product so far? Email us with product code ODM-3503.

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


6. Plastic Custom Desk Calendar

This plastic custom desk calendar is a total must-have promotional item. Aside from being sturdy, this plastic promotional item is undeniably versatile in nature. Calendars are definitely worth keeping as they are essential to track availability and plans. You can make the most out of this and subtly promote your brand along with it.

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


7. Umbrella Plastic Case

Through the rain or sunshine, this umbrella plastic case will absolutely offer convenience to consumers. It is undoubtedly the best way to keep your umbrella look neat when not in use. Definitely portable and handy, you can easily fit this into your bag and go ahead with your day. Made from quality plastic material, this umbrella plastic case can withstand water damage and everyday wear and tear.

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


8. Plastic Hang Sell Display

This plastic hang sell display is a branded POP display by Pringles. You will definitely love how convenient this plastic display is! Notably, it features a striking red punchy color that makes it stand out from other products. Shoppers can also access the display and the items easily as it is placed at eye-level. In addition, this plastic hang sell display is pretty long to accommodate 10 packs of chips yet space-saving!

Recycling Promotional Products

Recycling Promotional Products


Extra Treat: Custom Spray Bottle

These days, raising awareness about sanitation and hygiene is very important. Staying vigilant is our best defense in fighting this pandemic. If you’re looking for a Covid-19 supply that will fit your marketing needs, why not try these custom spray bottles? A custom spray bottle comes in a slim and portable size, making it perfect to bring anywhere. It gives you an ideal amount of space for brand positioning and we can customize it according to your other brand visuals. Product code ODM-3033.

Recycling Promotional Products


Wrapping It Up…

So, are plastic promotional products bad? Yes and no. For starters, single-use plastic products should definitely be ditched. Business owners should be smart in choosing the right product to offer customers. Durable types of plastic are long-lasting and certainly reusable. However, it would be best to invest in eco-friendly promotional products instead of plastic ones.

Wheat plastic is gaining momentum nowadays, why not try them out? They possess the same durability as plastic, yet are more environmentally friendly. Cornstarch and bamboo fiber are also great materials to replace plastic.

If you are interested in these plastic promotional products, don’t hesitate to reach out to the ODM team. Quote the product codes mentioned above when sending us an email of inquiry; we will be more than happy to assist you with your marketing needs!

Our team specializes in product designing and manufacturing high-quality, sustainable promotional productsplastic packaging design ideas, and branded eco-friendly products. We can also provide you with top-notch design services as our dedicated team of product designers, Mindsparkz can assist you with product brainstorming.


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