Umbrella in the plastic case is a great promo gift. For the most part, this is a very wet planet. When it isn’t raining, people forget to buy them. As a promotional idea umbrellas are a top gift item. Not only do your customers appreciate your promo gift, they advertise for you every time that they use the umbrella in the plastic case! As with other promotional items, it’s quick and easy to have your logo and business printed on umbrellas.

Umbrella in the Plastic Case as a Promo Gift

Umbrella in the Plastic Case as a Promo Gift

How can this promo gift boost brand awareness?

Whether rain or shine, umbrellas in the plastic case are an excellent product to promote your brand, company, or organization. Today, this promo gift can be used to provide side from the sun, shelter from the rain, and awareness of  your company’s brand.

This is especially true if your company participates in some sort of outdoor event where you can use these large items, or those who regularly use public transport to get to work, frequent travellers. Why do umbrellas in the plastic case make fantastic promotional gifts? Because, they are highly visible and they attract attention. Choose from a variety of styles including: automatic open umbrellas, compact ( the ideal traveller’s umbrella), wind-proof  ( take those umbrellas out in the wind and they won’t turn inside out), eco-friendly ( made from natural or recycled materials), or golf umbrellas. Double layered umbrellas also allow you to have inside and outside messages combined and are proving very popular with our clients.

Some words in Russian about this promo gift idea:

В повседневной жизни современного человека не существует более незаменимой и практичной вещи, чем зонт. Ведь этот аксессуар защищает в любую погоду – и от снега, и от солнца, и от дождя. Он применяется большинством из нас постоянно! И именно поэтому можно смело говорить о том, что зонты с логотипом – это лучшие рекламные сувениры для любой компании.