Are you in the women’s fashion industry and having a bad time searching for a perfect promo gift for the ladies? Well, fret not, here are some promo gift ideas that will potentially attract more female customers.

First and foremost to attract women, you need to think, feel and work like them. Understanding your target audience allows you to come up with a better and more effective promo gift. Narrow down their likes and dislikes would also give you a clearer picture on the type of promo gift that will appeal to the ladies.

So if you work in the women’s fashion magazines, women clothing line, women cosmetic industry, here are some promo gift ideas to consider…

Promo Gift Idea: Ladies gift sets with zebra prints

Promo Gift Idea: Ladies gift sets with zebra prints

A ladies gift set that consists of a cosmetic pouch, a mirror, a small pouch and a wallet. These items are covered in exotic zebra prints.

Promo Gift Idea: Ladies gift sets with pink leopard prints

Promo Gift Idea: Ladies gift sets with pink leopard prints

The second set is presented with pink leopard prints. This set consists of a mirror, wallet and a luggage tag.

Both ladies gift sets are massively attractive and they would certainly appeal to the ladies. The gifts are designed with women as the focus point, thus creating promo gifts that are more feminine and adorable.

What makes a promo gift more appealing to women?

Patterns! Yes, it is proven that women are highly conscious about patterns. They appreciate the underlying pattern that is often being overlooked by marketers. So be sure to pay extra attention to patterns. Animal prints like the above are some patterns that appeal them the most. Try using patterns that are eye-catching and outstanding!

Next up, colors. To portray a more feminine image, think pink, light blue, or any pastel and bright colors. Try avoiding dark and dull colors that might just turn them off. Use pastel colors for a softer and more feminine touch. And if you are going for a bubbly and cute image, try bright colors like yellow and blue.

Last but not least is the detail of the promo gift. Your promo gift should consist of as many meaningful details for women as possible. Offer gifts that are ornamental and practical at the same time. For instance, the zebra cosmetic pouch allows the ladies to carry their make up around while not leaving out the exotic and edgy fashion elements.

So if you have a large percentage of female customers, try putting some thoughts into your promo gifts. You would be amazed by how the most minor details might drive your sales to greater heights!