In celebration of Duty Zero‘s second anniversary, Auchentoshan went all out with their promotion. We certainly like their airport marketing ideas-  custom branded mugs and a vibrant POS display. Everything about its campaign is very engaging and communicates their brand message well. Mugs are simple marketing gifts with a big impact!



Auchentoshan is a popular single malt scotch whiskey that originated from Dunbartonshire estate of Auchentoshan in 1823. The secret to their smooth whiskey? Unlike most malt whiskey, theirs is distilled 3 times.

To celebrate Duty Zero’s second anniversary, they are offering custom branded mugs freebies and made their point of sale display as eye-catching as possible. We love that they designed their marketing display stand and giveaway items around their brand color so they stood out. Below, we share with you some of the reasons we like their airport marketing idea.


Promotional Branded Mugs

The mugs are given away for free. They are available in three different colors: white with black rim, orange with black rim, and gray with orange rim. The brand managed to keep it simple with just their logo printed on the mugs.



For many people, having a glass of their favorite drink after work is all they need to cap off the day. That is what the mugs stand for. With these custom branded mugs, customers can now mix their favorite drinks in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, advertising on promotional drinkware is an effective way to gain new customers and retain existing ones. Free items mean customers need not spend more to get the add-on. As a result, customers remember those that give away free items better than those that don’t.

Research has also found that branded promotional mugs are kept longer than any other promotional items. Therefore, it gives high brand impressions, the longer it is kept.

Perfect brand placement is also noticeable in Auchentoshen’s custom branded mugs. They maintained its simple yet hip look, which suits young professionals and older customers alike.


Point of Purchase Display

There are a lot of popular and beautiful products at airport shops and the competition is nothing but fierce. As such, Auchentoshen made sure to command attention right from the get-go with a custom POP display.



The display features an LED display in the shape of letter A. The brand name also glows, thanks to it being LED.

We also love that they added a Hong Kong Mule recipe to their display to further engage customers. By giving tips on how to make their drinks taste better, they are appealing to customers’ sense of taste and sight. For this, they used a full-color poster.



Our team commends Auchentoshen for this awesome merchandise display because we see how every part of the display was utilized. The side panel served as a DIY mug rack for their cups so that there is no dead space in their display.


Our Key Takeaways…

Auchentoshen did a great job promoting their brand during the anniversary of Duty Zero. Since marketing at airports can be challenging, offering freebies and using customized POS displays has given them a massive edge over other brands. It became easier for customers to spot them among a sea of high-end products.

So, if you need help creating promotional products and POS displays for business, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. ODM has years of experience in the field of marketing and product sourcing. We are your one-stop-shop for all things promotional!

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What are the Benefits of Custom Branded Mugs?

-It is practical and adds value to your promotion. -It has high brand impressions. -It boosts recognition. -People are more likely to keep branded mugs than any other promotional product. -High customization at a very affordable price.

How many people own a promotional drinkware?

According to the 2019 Ad Impression Study, 88% of US consumers own promotional drinkware.

How can I make my branded mugs stand out?

-Use your logo or brand name -Do not be afraid to experiment with shapes and colors. -Consider additional features such as changing print colors when filled with hot or cold water

How much do custom branded mugs cost?

The cost depends on the materials, style, and designs. However, ceramic mugs are the most affordable.