A promotional torch with your logo may be what you need to put your company in the spotlight. As such, we are proud to show you this hand-pressing torch. Compact and useful, this is an easy way to get your brand into the hands of your target consumers. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles so speak with reliable hand-press flashlight suppliers to learn more about your product options.

Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers

Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers

At ODM, we work hard to create unique promotional items that are beautiful, functional, and convenient to use. When it comes to electronic products, we conduct factory visits to make sure that they comply with safety standards.


Features and Benefits of Hand-Press Flashlights

Flashlights are undeniably useful during emergencies. Look around your home, and you will surely find at least one torch or flashlight stashed away in your cabinet or emergency kit. The most common type would be the battery-operated ones that are rather bulky and heavy. However, this hand-pressing flashlight is more compact and convenient to use.

Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers

Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers

The lights are LED and it is not battery-operated. It is eco-friendly on top of being convenient to use. But how does it work? Pop the side handle and press it to keep the light. The flow of energy starts with the flywheel, which is attached to a dynamo. When the user pressed the handle repeatedly, the flywheel spins and supplies electric current to an LED light bulb.

Why do we recommend this? For one, it fits in your pocket. Therefore, you can use this at any time. It is easy to operate, so even kids will have no problem using it. You can keep it in your car, boat, or emergency kits.

Great for emergencies and outdoor activities, this hand-pressing flashlight is great for:

From a marketing standpoint, such items are ideal promotional gifts, and here are ways to use them for your campaigns:


How to Prepare Custom Hand-Press Flashlights for Campaign?

  • Designing Your Hand-Press Flashlights: The torches come in various colors, which means marketing managers can have a lot of design options. In addition, the case is a great place to print your logos or brand name.
Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers

Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers

  • Consider Portability: The hand-press flashlights have lanyards attached to them, allowing people to carry them around with ease. If you like, you can use a longer lanyard so that people can wear them around their neck. You may also print your brand name on the lanyard to boost your presence during an event. If you want some modifications to the color, prints, or accessories, speak with your hand-press flashlight suppliers. They should be able to give you samples of their products before commencing with production.


  • Put Together an Emergency Kit Promo: Appeal to your customers’ needs while promoting your brand with a custom torch. Every household, business establishments, and schools have emergency kits. Even some car owners have a bag of emergency supplies at the back of their vehicle. Offering a promotional gift set that includes items essential for emergencies will help cement your company’s reputation. Customers will appreciate the thought and in return, they will show support to your brand.


Hand-Press Flashlight Suppliers – Why ODM?

Indeed, hand-pressing flashlights can be an effective promotional giveaway for your business. We believe that the practicality of the product can add immense value to your brand. Furthermore, our product designers can help whip up some cool designs for your custom promotional merchandise.

So, if you need hand-press flashlight suppliers, do not hesitate to contact ODM. We have vast experience in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of custom promotional giveaways for business. Check out our online magazine for more relevant case studies.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can effectively use promotional products for your promotional campaigns. Plan your next marketing campaign with us! If you like this product, send us an email and quote product code ODM-2811 to find out more about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is a Hand-Pressing Flashlight?

The flow of electric current starts with the flywheel. When the user pressed the handle repeatedly, the flywheel spins and supplies electric current to the dynamo, which is attached to an LED light bulb.

How long does the light last for?

Since it relies on mechanical energy, it does not need batteries or a switch to light up. As a general rule, giving it 20-30 squeezes would produce a bright beam for approximately 30 minutes.

What makes it different from other traditional promotional products?

It is portable on top of being eco-friendly. As torches are practical, customers will surely keep it with them. But unlike ordinary flashlights, they are small and portable so they can fit into their bags or small pouch bags no problem. They can even be given as part of a promotional emergency kit and the like.

Are hand pressing flashlights expensive?

Hand press flashlights are surprisingly affordable. Price starts at around 0.45 USD. We suggest ask a quote from reliable hand-pressing flashight suppliers. Also ask how much it would cost to customize such products since you want your mechanical torch to really embody your company.