Whether you’re an artist, fashion student or just into things a little different from the norm, these unique retro promotions are perfect for you. They are different in appearance and stand out from other basic promotions like a USB or Pen.

For companies such as Ted Baker, where a bowler hat is an iconic part of their brand, it is a perfect way of creating brand recognition without having large costs that not only look stylish but stand out against competitors, acting as a great gift with purchase idea.

Retro Promotions That Make You Stand Out

Retro Promotions That Make You Stand Out

How These Retro Promotions Can Make Your Campaign Stand Out:

Unique  – Not used often in campaigns, these individual retro promotions can make any company stand out in the stores or at events. They create curiosity in customers to what the product is – making them stay around and question the promo. This therefore increases the time of brand exposure with your company and the customer as well as making your brand more memorable due to the promotions individuality.

Range of Uses – Having a range of different products; from a bowler hat to a skeleton, a globe and a illuminating sign, there is a huge selection of retro promotions that are diverse and adaptable to your companies needs.

Market – As the products are so different it does mean that it is likely to attract a niche group of customers that have a more artistic and fashion taste with things. For companies that are wanting to target these individuals then these retro promotions would certainly be the perfect way to grab their attention.

Here at ODM we find these unique retro promotions interesting and creative, especially for those targeting a specific market associated to this type of style. If you are interested in standing out from the crowd with these products or other promotional ideas then contact us today for a quote.

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