Retro medals are great marketing ideas for event promotions. Whether the client is first, second or third in a race, eating competition, or trade show participation, these little trinkets are fantastic at showing the person’s status and dedication to the cause.

Retro Medals For Special Event Promotions

Retro Medals For Special Event Promotions

Restaurants such as Nando’s would benefit greatly from this kind of promotional product. Whether they make people compete regarding eating a whole chicken or finishing their spiciest dish, these medals are a symbol of success.

Retro Medals For Special Event Promotions

Retro Medals For Special Event Promotions

Why These Retro Medals Are Great For Event Promotions

  • Badge Of Honor. Medals are associated with winning and being a part of an event overall. With this highly recognizable marketing product that can be gold, silver, or bronze, they can prove how well a person played. It usually sparks a discussion with other people too, initiating the word-of-mouth advertising for the organizers.
  • Fashionable. Retro items, among certain subcultures, constitute a significant part of fashion. It means that it can attract particular groups of people to find out and perhaps collect the awards merchandise, even if they won’t wear it. With your branding or logo on these retro medals, consumers may also want to participate in the events promotion and add it to their outfit. It is a neat marketing strategy your business then.
  • Customizable. The open space on the metal is perfect for brand placement. You may also use a wide range of colors for the fabric part of the medal. How the logo design will appear depends on your preferences too.

Retro medals have a great potential for event promotions and branding purposes in general. If you are interested in this promo gift or have ideas for a different product, then contact ODM Group today.

Note: The medals in this blog have a long-standing history and are particularly associated with Russia and the USSR during WWII. It was for the “Defence of the Soviet Transarctic” and was given to those who defended the north of Russia, be it soldiers or civilians. Here is a link we found that explains the importance of this medal.

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