German Melitta Company has launched a promotion. ODM feels it is worth checking out because it gives you the unique opportunity to get a customized coffee cup for free!

This customized printed cup is a good incentive product from a company specializing on hot beverage products like coffee. In the morning when customers drink their coffee they will have their cup with their own picture on it. Surely they will remember where the mug came from. Additionally this promo gift has low production cost, and it’s great not just for hot beverages industry, but in other industries as well.

All in all this Gift with Purchase is a good way to make the company more popular, strengthen the brand awareness and attract people to buy your product to get this unique cup with their favorite picture on it.

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Just a few words in German:

Melitta hat eine Promotion gestartet, bei der man eine Tasse mit individuellem Fotoausdruck umsonst bekommt, wenn man Melitta Produkte einkauft. Das Ziel der Aktion ist es, das Unternehmen bekannter zu machen und neue Kunden anzulocken, was mit diesem einzigartiken Werbeartikel sehr wahrscheinlich auch gelingen wird.