Undeniably, a common problem that many companies face is finding the perfect promotional gift for their corporate anniversary. All companies celebrate their anniversaries after a certain amount of years. It is a big event for any business, attracting a lot of attention from the public and media, especially if it is a listed company. Hence there is a need to ensure that every step is well planned and executed properly. Hitting your corporate anniversary soon? Check out these spectacular promotional gift ideas that will make your celebration bizarre!


The Thing about Corporate Anniversaries…

Celebrating a corporate anniversary is a tradition that certainly will never go out of style. It is a way to show that the company continues to grow and develop as the years pass by. Moreover, it is also the ideal time to express your gratitude towards your staff and business partners. Offering your own promotional gift is an effective instrument to express that. Such marketing gifts for a corporate anniversary has more commercial and advertising effect.


Promotional Gift Ideas for Corporate Anniversary

There are a lot of promotional gifts that are available and popping up everywhere. These promotional gifts may include but are not limited to calendars, business card holders, branded wallets, office supplies, and even electronics. Each item comes in different forms and designs— but certainly holds the company’s logo, name, or slogan. With this, people who will receive these gifts will be reminded of the wonderful experience they had at the event. Needless to say, the more eccentric the gift is, the more positive impression the company makes.

Your employees, business partners, and customers will be absolutely happy to receive simple yet functional gifts. You don’t have to offer something grand or massive at all; as they say, “it is the thought that counts.” Your brand can certainly make an astounding impact in the market if you live by it. You can show how much you value and respect them as a part of your flourishing company through this.


The Top 7 in Our List…

1. Book-Shaped Clock

This book-shaped clock is a creative promotional gift that everyone will certainly love. It is ideal for offices and even at home. Undoubtedly, this promotional gift idea makes an area cozy and warm for people who will see it. It is perfect for employees and clients who are into books and they will totally value this promotional item you gave.

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


2. Wine Accessory Set

A promotional gift set that is made from sturdy and high-quality materials, this wine accessory set will absolutely take your drinking experience to the next level. The gift set contains a wine stopper made from zinc alloy, a chrome-plated-bamboo top, a stainless steel wine ring, stainless steel + bamboo wine pourer, and stainless steel + bamboo wine corkscrew. Product code ODM-3323.

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


3. Keycap Tea Set

Without a doubt, this keycap tea set is an exemplary example of out-of-the-box promotional gift ideas. It literally depicts the appearance of an actual keycap. This keycap tea set is made from durable plastic material and can definitely hold a hot temperature. Furthermore, you can also make these keycaps as a salad bowl or condiment holder.

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


4. USB Flash Drive with Leather Case

USB flash drives have unquestionably taken an important role in the everyday lives of corporate people. It is totally essential to keep data and files in a compact place where you can access them anywhere. It can also put your mind at ease as you know that your documents and presentations have backup copies in your drive. This promotional gift will surely put a smile on the face of anyone who will receive it.

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


5. Vintage Compass

This promotional gift is totally perfect for people who love to collect things and has a passion for vintage items. This compass can be a good collector’s item or a decorative piece that your employees or business partners will treasure.

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


6. Book-Ends

To work in a neat space is truly a factor for anyone’s work performance. It can create a comfortable environment and helps you to focus on your tasks. These bookends can definitely make your workspace organized and clean. This promotional gift comes in different forms and designs that can suit the theme of your corporate anniversary!

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


7. Wooden Mouse Gift Set

A wooden computer mouse? Is that even possible? Get this wooden mouse gift set as your promotional gift and unravel the beauty behind it. It is totally lightweight, ergonomic, and unique. It is an ideal way to give back to your employees and promote eco-friendly merchandise.

Promotional Gift

Promotional Gift


To Conclude,

Every company is trying to aim for more goals as they celebrate their anniversary. First, they would like to increase and meet consumer’s demands certainly. When customers receive a promotional gift that they like, they will definitely tell their family and friends. It becomes an excellent marketing material for live advertising. Second, they would love to strengthen their business relationship with their partners.

Promotional gifts can vary in different items, forms, and designs. Most of the products mentioned above are 100% eco-friendly and sustainable, making them a great corporate anniversary gift. They are undoubtedly built-to-last and will serve for a long time. A promotional gift is a nice way to show appreciation and extend a good relationship. It is one of the most effective ways to make this company event a remarkable one.

Here at ODM, we can definitely make your promotional dreams come true. Our team certainly delivers high-quality custom promotional products to meet your design requirements. With years of experience in this industry, we manufacture all sorts of marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality promotional products for the global market. So whatever it is you decide, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make These Promotional Gifts Aligned with My Company's Event Motif?

Certainly yes! We can make these promotional gift items customized according to your needs. We would love to produce items that will totally exhibit the message behind this remarkable event.

What are the Customizing Options?

We can customize these promotional gifts by modifying the colors, designs and putting your company's name, brand logo, or message on these.

I Would Like to Create Something Different, Can I Get Help in Creating a Design?

Sure! Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can definitely help you with that. Our team has years of reliable and relevant experience in product, web, and graphic designing.