Travelling is a growing hobby amongst people these days. Thus, many companies are considering travelling gift ideas for their promotional marketing and giveaways. With more people travelling, your target audience grows rapidly and these gift ideas for great for kids and adults alike. Thus, you do not need to worry about your target audience because it is suitable for everyone and every occasion.

Gift Ideas You should Consider

Passport Holder

It is impossible to travel without your passport, thus, passport holders are extremely useful gift ideas because every traveller has a passport and every passport could use a passport holder! Not only so, you can consider having more pockets in the passport holder, so that your customer can contain their different cards, check book and different currencies inside. It would become a very important bag for them when they travel. In addition, if you include your company or brand name on the passport holder, your client is basically promoting your brand name as they travel around!

Traveller Bag

Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine offers Gift with Subscription

Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine offers Gift with Subscription

What is the next important thing after your passport? It is a bag to contain all the travel items. A traveller bag is another one on the list of gift ideas for travellers. When your clients bring your customized traveller bag abroad, they are pushing your brand and increase exposure of your brand name. This helps in brand awareness in a foreign market and could help you to explore a new market and push sales.

Garment Bag

Customer Gift For Travelling: Leather Garment Bags

Customer Gift For Travelling: Leather Garment Bags

Garment bags are high-end, sophisticated and premium giveaways that put your brand in a very positive light. This is because garment bags have a high perceived value and clients will feel that you are splurging on them. This would increase brand loyalty amongst your clients.

Travel organizer

Gift with Subscription - Travelling Bag

Gift with Subscription – Travelling Bag

They are convenient, light and functional. It is a necessity to be brought along for your overseas trip! It can hold many items like cosmetics, toiletries, medicine and etc. In addition, there is a hanger attached to be hung on the wall when necessary, especially in the toilet or on prams when used to place baby products. It is easy to brand, just print or embroider your logo on the organizer and you are good to go!

Induction Speaker

Induction Speaker, the perfect gift for any season!

Induction Speaker, the perfect gift for any season!

Everyone wants to listen to music no matter where, and they want it hassle free. Thus, the perfect solution would be the induction speaker, where you just place your phones on it and music is being blasted out from it! It offers ample surface area for branding, and provides good exposure to others.

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