National Geographic Traveller Magazine is giving out giveaways that are practical to consumers who subscribe to their magazine. Only £13.99 for eight magazines in a year could allow you to receive a traveller bag for free. Read on to find out more about this subscriptions!

Practical Giveways to Attract Magazine Subscriptions!

Practical Giveways to Attract Magazine Subscriptions!

National Geographic Traveller is the world’s widely read travel magazine. The theme of this magazine is to provide inspiring narratives that make readers take trips, and solid service information to help them plan their travel trips.

Giveaways that are related to the Theme

Giving out gifts that are related to the theme of your magazine would definitely boost subscriptions for your magazines. In the long run, it would help generate more sales.

Gift with Subscription - Travelling Bag

Gift with Subscription – Travelling Ba

National Geographic Traveller magazine has incorporated the theme of their magazine into their giveaways by giving out a traveller bag this time. Majority of the people who purchase these traveller magazines are interested in travelling. They may even purchase these magazines to help plan their travel trip. With the travelling bag, they could make use of the bag when they go for their travel trip. Certainly, it would attract people to subscribe to National Geographic Traveller magazine with such useful and practical giveaways that come along with it.

Branding Your Giveaways Boost Sales

Branding is crucial in generating more sales for your company. By imprinting or sewing of your brand name on the giveaways, it would be able to increase brand awareness for your company. With your brand name on the travelling bag, when users carry these bags around, other people who come across them would be able to learn of your company brand. Furthermore, when subscribers carry these travelling bags for their travel trip around the world, your company name would also be exposed to foreigners. Your giveaways could even act as a free walking advertisement for your company unknowingly. What’s better than having small investment in giveaways, which could eventually boost sales greatly for your company in the long run?