Farmers Union Iced Coffee, an Australian-based coffee brand, is featuring a cool GWP promo. Inspired by the concept behind a koozie or stubby holder you usually see for cans and longneck bottles, Farmers Union decided that it’s jolly well time the carton deserves some attention too.

The result? A unique neoprene cooler which accommodates the carton exclusively and gets people talking. 

Promo Mechanism: Purchase any FUIC 600mL product from participating outlets and receive a FREE FUIC 600mL Carton Cooler valued at $3.50

The cooler can keep the carton insulated from thermal transfer, maintaining the optimal temperature of the iced coffee over prolonged periods of time. Neoprene material provides a nice touch to holding the carton as well…

The brand’s logo is strategically placed in the middle of the cooler. This allows maximum visibility even when customers reuse the cooler for other carton brands. Since the carton cooler is the first of its kind, it really allows the brand to stand out on its own (from other dairy brands which use cartons as packaging too).

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