Promotional bags are used habitually with all types of brands due to the all-encompassing nature of the product. Although, this particular blog focus will be on Hello Kittys use of promotional gifts, included with this bag purchase.

Promotional Case Study: Hello Kittys Free Gift

Promotional Case Study: Hello Kittys Free Gift

Why do Hello Kitty use Promotional Gifts?

There are likely a number of motives and benefits behind Hello Kittys decision to opt for this campaign.

Firstly, being a GWP campaign, Hello Kitty recognise it’s a great way to stimulate sales. It’s well known that gifts with purchase add extra incentive for consumers to purchase your products. In this case, they opt to use neatly branded clips. This is a great option not only to attract their target customers of the younger generation but also a smart way to increase brand awareness.

Promotional Gifts Case Study: Hello Kitty

Promotional Gifts Case Study: Hello Kitty

It will likely be used in public areas such as at the park or even taken to school and used in lunch boxes; the usages are endless. Also, not forgetting all of the Hello Kitty enthusiasts out there these items will definitely be considered as collector items.

So much like a good investment, all the items will benefit them for years to come, by spreading awareness and encouraging brand recognition.

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