Here we have a great example of a promotional bag being run by Fastrackids, a company which focuses on providing educational programs to children. Below we will analyse this particular promotion on show in Zhuhai, S. China. We will also advise how a similar idea can help your business.

Promotional Bag - Case Study by Fastrackids

Promotional Bag – Case Study by Fastrackids

Why we feel Fastrackids’ promotional bag works well

Promotional products are an important element of a company’s marketing campaigns. They serve to:

  • Raise brand awareness: A promotional bag is an excellent way to get your brand out there and seen by others. In this example, a bag of this quality is likely to be used in public by children. Therefore it has the potential to be exposed to a huge audience. Through this, you can be sure that your company will be increasing its brand recognition.
  • Expanding product range: Adding a new type of product to your collection can help you strengthen and expand your position in the market. Here, Fastrackids have moved away from just offering educational courses. They have now added promotional bags to their portfolio.
Promotional Bag - Case Study by Fastrackids

Promotional Bag – Case Study by Fastrackids

  • Practicality: Bags are used everyday by many people, and so a promotional bag such as this one can be useful in many situations. Because of this, it encourages use by others. Due to the fact that it  is high quality, the promotional bag‘s durability will be ideal for extended use. This is a perfect example of a practical gift for children.
  • Design: In order to appeal to your audience, a product must have a range of colours that will catch the eye. The patterns and colours on show here are ideal for children. Also the clear branding of the company lets you know that it is their product.

Because of these reasons, it is clear that using a promotional bag can be a great idea for a company. This is because of the positive effects it can have on your brand awareness and product range. The pester power that children possess is a powerful marketing tool as well. This means that a well produced product can help to boost a company’s image.

Here at ODM, we believe that using a promotional bag can help any marketing campaign. We have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing of bags. Furthermore, we can help you utilise your 2016 marketing budget effectively. Be sure to check out our comprehensive and ever-expanding in store display portal for more similar case studies.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products. Let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand like this one.

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