Finally! Sporting events such as Formula 1 are resuming after a very long hiatus during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Now, brand sponsors such as beer, liquor, and energy drink companies are rolling out more promotions to grab more shopper’s attention. For example, in Singapore, Heineken is giving out a free Luggage with Logo for every purchase of 4 packs of 20 cans.

Luggage with Logo

Luggage with Logo

The sports GWP promotion is from 1 August to 30 September 2020 and is only available in Singapore. All shoppers have to do is purchase 4 x 20 cans of Heineken beer, then scan the QR code to go to the redemption website. Afterward, upload the receipt on the website and finally, they will receive an SMS confirmation to redeem the free gift with purchase, which is a 21-inch cabin trolley.

This is indeed a very enticing promotion and is effective in boosting beer sales during the sports season.


Here are 6 Reasons Why We Love Heineken’s Luggage with Logo Promotion:

Grabs Shopper’s Attention

The beer industry is a highly competitive industry. Therefore, your promotion should stand out from the competitors.

Luggage with Logo

Luggage with Logo

Heineken has proven itself to be very successful in this. The luggage is glorified on a pedestal and enclosed in a plastic case. It is displayed high above the other drink brands. This is effective in grabbing shoppers’ attention as the luggage will be the first thing that they will notice. It could also be seen from a distance. So, shoppers are more likely to go towards Heineken products than competing brands like Carlsberg or Tiger.

Hence, this shows that Heineken is able to differentiate itself from its competitors with this beer merchandise.


Large Following

Drink brands love to sponsor sports teams and events as they have a very large following. In fact, Formula 1 has about 471 million viewers each year. It is very popular in Singapore as the race is held here every year, in September.

However, due to COVID19 restrictions and regulation, sporting events now do not have spectators. Fans can only enjoy the event from the comfort of their homes. When watching the races or other sporting events at home, viewers usually enjoy a beer. Hence, involving sporting events in beer promotions is effective.

Lastly, by incorporating the Formula 1 logo in the product and promotion, it allures many Formula 1 fans to purchase Heineken beer instead.



Offering luggage as a high-end gift is a great way to entice shoppers. They will view this promotion as value for money and will not mind purchasing lots of beer in order to get the free-gift incentive.

Furthermore, Formula 1 is a high-class event, hence, offering premium gifts is very effective.


“We Miss You” Gift

Formula 1 is finally making its return after 9 months. Hence, this luggage makes a great branded “We Miss You” gift to welcome back fans.

This promotion was probably rolled out to remind Singaporean fans, that the Singapore Grand Prix is back again on 20-22 September 2020 (which iunfortunately canceled).



During these tough times, a suitcase is most probably not the most useful item now as traveling overseas is restricted. However, some shoppers may be interested in keeping one of them and use it when they can finally travel overseas again.

In addition, as air travel is now not possible, we see a rise in staycations. People do not really need a piece of big luggage, so a 21-inch cabin trolley should suffice.


Connect with Customers

Unfortunately, the Singapore Grand Prix is canceled and races now do not have spectators. This probably devasted many fans. Thus, offering branded sports merchandise in promotions is a great way from brands and sports federations to connect with fans. This will ensure continual brand loyalty despite the unfortunate events.

Luggage with Logo

Luggage with Logo

Our Takeaways

Overall, this is an amazing and effective gift with purchase promotion by Heineken to make their brand stand out in a highly competitive market. This brand sponsorship with Formula 1 is indeed very successful in garnering more sales from motorsport fans. Furthermore, offering free luggage with logo will surely entice many shoppers to purchase more of Heineken products.


How ODM can help

If you are planning to roll out an exceptional promotional campaign for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with brainstorming interesting ideas that will surely pique shoppers’ attention.

ODM is well-versed with producing and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise for drink and sports companies. We have done promotional giveaways, sports merchandise, gift with purchases, on-pack promotions, and many more.

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