UEFA champions League is coming to an end soon and as a result a number of noticeable brands are taking advantage of this event to propose innovative promotional campaigns.

For example famous beer manufacturer Heineken is currently partnering with the UEFA Champions league in Hong Kong to create a campaign where participants can redeem Heineken crown corks or ring pulls in exchange for gifts.

Obviously the greater the number of “coupons” redeemed, the better the gift received. Add to that a sense of urgency (the campaign clearly stipulates that all stocks are finite), and you find yourself with a great promotional campaign that will most likely boost sales for Heineken. Here is a little tenor of the type of gifts Heineken is offering:

Even better, all items are branded with Heineken’s colors and logo thus reinforcing the impact of the promotional campaign as all happy winners will potentially use their gifts for the years to come. A great way to provoke and enhance brand awareness while at the same time increasing sales consequently.

Those type of redemption campaigns are win-win for all involved as both the participants and the organizers receive something for their effort. Those out of luck or too late to redeem their crown cork or ring pulls for prizes can still enjoy their favorite beer while watching the  final on TV!