Coca-Cola Thailand‘s membership gift idea effectively strengthens its brand exposure by co-branding with FIFA, the biggest single-event sporting competition. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola has partnered with FIFA through a branded promotional bag which promotes various soft drinks and the sporting event. This can widen you target audience and boost your sales because of the popularity of FIFA all over the world.

Membership Gift Idea: Coca-Cola Thailand Co-Brands With FIFA

Membership Gift Idea: Coca-Cola Thailand Co-Brands With FIFA

Why do we Like this Membership Gift Idea?

  • Specific time frame – In order to get this Coke FIFA backpack, the customer needs to accumulate soft drink products that has a total amount of 859 Baht. In order to get this promotional gift offer, they will have to claim the item during a specific time period. This is Driving Impulse Purchase because it makes them feel that it is urgent. 
  • Membership Gift – This encourages your customers to sign up as a The 1 Card member to be able to participate and claim their Coke FIFA backpack. This is a good strategy to keep your existing members loyal to you and maintain good relationship with them as they feel that they are getting more. This also attracts new customers, especially big FIFA fans, allowing you to earn higher profits with this Gift with Purchase.
  • Brand Awareness – This Custom Promotional Bag raises brand awareness as there is a lot of space for co-branding opportunities. It enhances the brand exposure to a wider audience and strengthens brand remembrance because of its  sports event association. Check out the blog below to maximise your visibility.
  • Cost Effective – The membership gift is advertised on a poster which is very cheap and easy to produce. It makes a great tool for both custom in-store display or for outdoor displays. The poster is fully customisable to make it adapt to your brand and to make it more eye-catching. 


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